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Found 3 results

  1. [idea/Suggestion] While I was playing Build 30 or 31, (Don't kill me if Build 31 isn't out yet, haven't paid attention and its 10:52 PM here ), I noticed that the UI isn't top notch nor very stable. I understand that we are on either build 30 or 31, but the UI needs to get a refresh like... right now. I've read the future of the game and how they'll update the UI drastically for the following next builds, however; I decided to create a UI that simplies both keyboard and controllers in hand and hopefully helps the Developers in mind. Keep in mind that this is not fully art designed and its only to improve functionality. --The Start Of The UI-- The first section of game will start and prompt the user on how to start the main menu or to begin interacting with the game once its done loading, simple stuff here. If the person hits ENTER, the game will run on Mouse Mode. Should be very self explanatory, if you hover over the text, it turns red that tells the player he or she has selected the option. If the person hits "A", the game will run on Controller Mode. This one is a little hard to explain, when the player uses the moving buttons, (Left Stick, Right Stick, D-Pad, etc..) then the red will highlight red after moving. For example, the game will always highlight survival when using controller on boot. If I use the D-PAD to move towards the left, it will highlight the other option I have and highlight it red. It will of course dehighlight the previous option that was selected. It shouldn't be rocket science, but its a nice start. --Game Selection-- Once the player hits "A" or enter, the screen will change towards this following "diagram". The Menu will be greeted and the person can just move their mouse/left stick towards any of the three choices. Survival Classic/Sandbox/And Challenges or AKA Custom Maps. Mouse users should know that they are not affected, and controller uses are benefited from the change since its simple to left click and press A at the same time. Hitting ESCAPE or B makes it go back towards the main menu. --Online & Settings-- I'm still working in this section, either on wed or friday I'll show the other missing segments so both can enjoy the simplistic interface. --Character Creation and World Settings-- This one should be easy to create, same like the previous one, I'll eventually explain how these will work. That's all for now! Keep up to date towards the thread every week, hope to solve many issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop a reply! I'm aware that there are other UI's, but I think this one should be much simpler for newbies. Happy Zombie Hunting! -Videogameget 12/7/2014 11:12 PM PDT
  2. Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but it should be. When you go to bind a key, if another key is already bound to what you want, you simply can't bind it. Then, you have to go rebind the other key to some random value, it's a PITA. Should be how it is in most other games, when you do this it forces the new bind and the other action is bound to a "null" value.
  3. So, recently after playing a bit of Xcom, i've noticed a small option that shows a bunch of people that unfortunately died during the missions, their names, ex-rank and when they died, how much missions they did prior to their death. I was thinking something similar for zomboid - Memorial Desk for all the death characters that you had - It's "portrait" (from the in game character, set of clothes that (s)he worn before getting mauled by undead), for how long survived, and a particular set of "achievements" that (s)he managed to get. E.G: Built X walls, planted X crops, Killed X Zombies. Also, how he died (Infection after bite, Eaten by zombie(s), Died from gunshot (After NPC's are back in), Died from Fever/Sickness, Died from Starvation/Dehydration) That way whoever gets the most survival time goes to the top of the list, whilst the smallest survival times go at the bottom. You can access that list and get all nostalgic about how good your characters were. Similarly, you could also (that one is optional) add the hall of survivors, where you have a full list of currently alive characters in survival mode. It'll work the same as when you press "info" panel in game, as it shows the current character, it's traits, killed zombies and time survived. As always - character with longest time survived gets to the top, while with the latter - to the bottom. Tell me what do you think.
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