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Found 1 result

  1. Well, yesterday i did a suggestion and asked for it to be removed because it was lacking a lot, i was asking basically to put a simple text at the "Score-screen" if you're playing survival mode to prove you're playing with default rules, like "You survived blablabla, in survival mode" so when you share screenshots with friends or via this forum everyone can get that you're playing default and not a custom game. Read here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1720-survival-or-sandbox/ But i just realized that the information at game over screen is just lacking a lot, at first, i hate the fact that the information fades out of the screen at sometime, it needs to be there forever, dunno if this is implemented or not, but i would expect that when i load a dead character i can get all the information about my score and achievements, dunno guys if you like nethack, i LOVE nethack, and everyone that plays nethack knows the phrase "Do you want your possessions identified?" nethack spits out a lot of info of your run after you end it, how many creatures you vanquished, what items do you have, personal and secret attributes of your character, you can get EVERYTHING you did, it's great to have something like this when you lose in games with permadeath, it's nice to sit there and remember all you did, but the score in PZ is lacking a lot of info for a game that the goal is to die at some point... Just as a suggestion i'd love to see a window that draws itself on the screen after you die with all the information of your score with navigable items, Like a board that shows a resumed score that you can zoom in to get a more itemized information. Something like : *Name of the character : Bastard ----> if you click this you can get the traits of the character played *Time surviving : 02 days and 2 hours ----> clicking this will get you time spended outside/inside a building, time spotted by the horde, and more information concerning time. *Type of the game : Survival ---> clicking this will get you information about the rules of the game played if you're playing sandbox, or if you're playing a story facts about the story, what path did the player take on it, or what quest did he complete, Status about the story-related NPC's etc etc... *Zombies destroyed : 23 ---> clicking this will show you how many zombies did you destroy with each weapon, like 7 zombies were destroyed with a baseball bat, 3 zombies were destroyed with a crowbar, etc etc. *Food used in total: <nutritional value> ---> itemized use of food : 3 bananas, 2 tomatoes, 4 chips, dunno, and also some random info like, You ate X rotten food You were vegan or You loved junk food (reminds me of an old challenge posted on the forums) *Water used in total: 3 lts. ---> Itemized source of water: 2.24 Mugs, 0.5 Pots, Drank water 3 times from a sink , etc etc... *Total damage received: 125% (hits, fall damage, sickness, everything) ---> itemized damage from different sources of damage like The horde : 40%, Fall damage : 20%, Hunger etc etc etc... *Loot: Total weight looted ---> Itemized loot. and everything about looting i'd love to see maybe an official button to get a screenshot or share that info on steam or simply share it on social networks, dunno.
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