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  1. I'd love to see this post get to the devs' pantheon
  2. Maybe the risk of dying through non-bite zombification should be mitigated via disinfectation.
  3. I miss the old days of katie and baldspot...
  4. Yeah, I feel you. I don't really like luck-dependent factors in game design, I always thought that if there's something that depends on luck the player must have a way to mitigate the randomness, but I guess we're a masochistic community where that doesn't really apply, maybe we yearn for those 'OH FUCK' moments. So I'll edit my post.
  5. Yeah, Knives are absolutely off the table now. I hate you for that. (But you know I love you secretly) With the new stealth system I think a new Knife system is in order too. I always thought that a knife was a looting tool more than a zombie weeding one. It was more aimed to move you from point X to Y in the shadows effectively but Instakilling a single zombie went to the trash can in a big nerf, just because knife players got too resilient with the weapon and it ended in the axe paradigm... that being said, I also think instakilling should be added back with a little limitations or knifes will be dead in no time. Let me throw a little suggestions in: <Backstabbing> Attacking a zombie in the back should start immediatly the instakilling animation. <Stealth kill> Attacking a zombie that hasn't noticed us should start immediatly the instakilling animation. <Cold blood> Knifes require a lot of aim. I'm willing to pay for the former the price of missing rates rising up with panic as long as if panic is absent my kill is assured. <Pounce> I'm not sure if the engine allows it, but in the case a panic killing is needed, sprinting into a zombie and assaulting him to the ground while stabbing his face violently should be a valid (and long) killing animation at the price of attention. Yeah! Jacket style! <Short weapon> You can safely nerf knife combat further (less zoning capabilities) if you give us a chance to use it as an instakilling tool in a controlled environment. <Quickdraw> As a knife turns more into a tool than a combat weapon, gives us the chance to switch it off and on quicker. <Struggling> Instakilling animations should be a little longer (lowering the speed of the target too) rendering us helpless to other zeds in a bigger window of time lowered by knife skill (Knife as a 1vs1 exclusive tool) also (and this is very important) NO MORE INSTAKILLING NORMALLY BY COMBAT. <The silent and the hellbent> Instakilling should be quieter, longer and smoother if we keep context-keying the attack button pressed, scaling absurdly the stealth with sneaking. In the same fashion, a chance of speeding up the animation would be nice (by context-key-smashing) and paying the price of success rate, panicking and a lot of attention as the actual instakilling system is in 41.
  6. Hmmm... you misunderstood my suggestion, I'm not asking for a better random spawn coordinates system, I'm looking for a way to not to know if I'm spawning in West point, or Muldraugh or Bedford falls or New Denver or whatever map you've got.
  7. Can we get a "Random" option on the Map selector and Spawn location selector as well? It's pretty simple to code and as a former single-player gentleman, I'd really love this kind of (simple) feature! EDIT: I'm not looking for a way to randomize better the specific spawning points, I'm looking for a way to cycle through your "map library" randomly, this way I can play randomly in west point, or muldraugh, or bedford falls or New Denver etc etc.
  8. I don't know about this one guys, but should players with the "Illiterate" trait not be able to read the titles on books? should those items be renamed just for those players? Just "Book"
  9. We all love project zomboid, we've been playing it since forever! I'm a little ashamed of the results of the multiplayer function, i'm not a big fan of massive servers but i love to play with my friends, the problem is that multiplayer isn't designed to support the same gameplay feeling that singleplayer, because of player communication and other stuff, i'm not here to discuss what's good for multiplayer or what's bad but to suggest that those who are playing in small parties vs. the world get some space on PZ, As we play in small numbers all can be fixed with communication, i remember those quake 2 days when you called a vote for everything, with that system we should be able to sleep & fast forward just like in single player, if you wanna sleep just lay down in a bed, time should be running normally while you rest more lightly, but if everyone is laying down, then they can sleep normally just like single player. wanna fast forward? No prob! just click the fast forward button on the clock hub, that will alert the other players by coloring their fast forward button differently to show them your intentions, if everyone wants to do it, seriously.. where's the problem? I know that those functions can only be effective if you play on small numbers with people you know, that's why you should let it as a "Small party configuration" server...
  10. Well, yesterday i did a suggestion and asked for it to be removed because it was lacking a lot, i was asking basically to put a simple text at the "Score-screen" if you're playing survival mode to prove you're playing with default rules, like "You survived blablabla, in survival mode" so when you share screenshots with friends or via this forum everyone can get that you're playing default and not a custom game. Read here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1720-survival-or-sandbox/ But i just realized that the information at game over screen is just lacking a lot, at first, i hate the fact that the information fades out of the screen at sometime, it needs to be there forever, dunno if this is implemented or not, but i would expect that when i load a dead character i can get all the information about my score and achievements, dunno guys if you like nethack, i LOVE nethack, and everyone that plays nethack knows the phrase "Do you want your possessions identified?" nethack spits out a lot of info of your run after you end it, how many creatures you vanquished, what items do you have, personal and secret attributes of your character, you can get EVERYTHING you did, it's great to have something like this when you lose in games with permadeath, it's nice to sit there and remember all you did, but the score in PZ is lacking a lot of info for a game that the goal is to die at some point... Just as a suggestion i'd love to see a window that draws itself on the screen after you die with all the information of your score with navigable items, Like a board that shows a resumed score that you can zoom in to get a more itemized information. Something like : *Name of the character : Bastard ----> if you click this you can get the traits of the character played *Time surviving : 02 days and 2 hours ----> clicking this will get you time spended outside/inside a building, time spotted by the horde, and more information concerning time. *Type of the game : Survival ---> clicking this will get you information about the rules of the game played if you're playing sandbox, or if you're playing a story facts about the story, what path did the player take on it, or what quest did he complete, Status about the story-related NPC's etc etc... *Zombies destroyed : 23 ---> clicking this will show you how many zombies did you destroy with each weapon, like 7 zombies were destroyed with a baseball bat, 3 zombies were destroyed with a crowbar, etc etc. *Food used in total: <nutritional value> ---> itemized use of food : 3 bananas, 2 tomatoes, 4 chips, dunno, and also some random info like, You ate X rotten food You were vegan or You loved junk food (reminds me of an old challenge posted on the forums) *Water used in total: 3 lts. ---> Itemized source of water: 2.24 Mugs, 0.5 Pots, Drank water 3 times from a sink , etc etc... *Total damage received: 125% (hits, fall damage, sickness, everything) ---> itemized damage from different sources of damage like The horde : 40%, Fall damage : 20%, Hunger etc etc etc... *Loot: Total weight looted ---> Itemized loot. and everything about looting i'd love to see maybe an official button to get a screenshot or share that info on steam or simply share it on social networks, dunno.
  11. I always imagine me waking up in project zomboid after a car crash with my bleeding nose and disorientated, realizing (again) that the whole city is overrun by undead hordes, i just need to know how to do a story on pz, i have plenty ideas, dunno the dude that start his story alone by shooting an npc right on the head and running from a large group of survivors and as the story goes on the player gets clues of what's happening between them, I love custom starting scenarios, and ABSOLUTELY love your idea, but it can be better if it's saved for designed campaigns more than a random event just at the start of your game, i'd love to see what stories have the community to tell me!
  12. I'm the only one that doesn't sleep twice on the same house?
  13. We're talking about a game where you can put several wood planks in a schoolbag, if you wanna go realistic on it, good luck.
  14. Oh god... my shitty english made it too hard to say it, but that's what i wanted to say
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