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Found 1 result

  1. This mod is designed to simply the process of adding new professions, or editing the default ones. As well as simplifying the addition/modification of a profession's skills, traits and known recipes, it also allows for the creation of custom profession starting kits: both items in inventory and on the ground in front of them, and running a custom OnNewGame event for each profession. The 'special effect traits' (ones that don't edit skill levels) such as brave, lucky, outdoorsman, etc can be properly used by new professions without bugs and extra coding on the modder's part. Please note this mod adds no new professions or changes itself, it is simply a framework for use by other modders. Example of a upgraded Park Ranger, starting with the outdoorsman trait, ORGM's Lee Enfield No4 (with scope and sling attached), spare ammo, a hiking bag, and a tent and campfire kit on the ground at their feet: Example of a new profession: The Military Sniper, starting with Inconspicuous, Graceful and Brave, ORGM's SR-25 (with scope and sling) and spare ammo: Example of a updated Chef, starting with a set of GOOD kitchen knives: List of all 'special effect traits' that can now be added to professions: For best use and compatibility with other profession mods that may use this framework, it is advised you don't actually include this mods lua files in your mod. Instead make it a requirement, and just call the ProfessionFramework.addProfession( ) function from your own mod. Downloads: Current Version (1.00-stable): https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/ProfessionFramework.zip Steam workshop (1.00-stable): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343686691 Github Development Version: https://github.com/FWolfe/ProfessionsFramework
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