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Found 2 results

  1. So, a rant in another post gave me this idea : molding structures to pour more permanent materials into the definitive structure. Essentially : wood rot, metal rust. To a lesser extent concrete delaminate. What if you could make rain collector, composter, and a lot of the other existing crafting recipe out of other materials by molding them, then pouring the definitive material in place (then removing the temp mold gathering part of it's mats back). You could make rain collector out of molten plastics (or concrete), same for composters... but also walls, fences, etc. What need to be added is "blueprint-like molds" you can craft with carpentry/metalworking, then as the multi-stage walls you click on them to add the proper mats (mixed concrete, melted plastics). Melting plastics does not require a very hot forge like some mods do with metals, a small pot over a fire will do (but with a lot of fumes, better make this outdoor like generators). Mixing concrete is not hard, you can even add to the volume with a little gravel (up to a reasonable point where it'll be weaker then pure cement). If we had wheelbarrow, we could mix it in there then use a shovel to pour into the mold. (extra : a wheelbarrow would be extra useful to carry stuff without being encumbered... yet impairing movement slightly).
  2. I think adding the possibility of make concrete walls will be great. It will aloud the player not only to build something better (and stronger) than plastered wodden walls, but also to build more high-big buildings. (you know woods and nails aren't good for that, if you want to keep a realistic touch to the game) Also would be easy to add (I think) 'cause you will need only a "Bag of Cement Powder" (could be made like the "Plaster Powder Bag") a "Bucket with water" and a "Trowel". For all the youngest out there that's what I mean: Uploaded with ImageShack.com The lv. of carpentery to use the cement should be around 3 or so. I think that because I'm a construction worker in real life and if you in lv.3 carpentery can make a decent stairs (that are hard as hell to do with wood, let me tell you that!) you must be able to use cement. That's it guys. Let me know if is not new or whatever.. thanks!
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