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Found 1 result

  1. Onkeen

    I can do your Workshop Previews !

    Hi fellow modders ! Since 32.20 is out on the IWBUMS branch and we can now use the Steam Workshop, I have seen a lot of mods being aded with the standard preview or preview that doesn't give the the right feeling of all the mod awesomeness. So I decided I could help moders by creating their Preview.png file to help them showing off their mod quality on the first sight ! But you're not going to believe me without a proof, so here is a link to a imgur album with all the "Preview.png" I have made : So I am ready to take any commisions (for free of course), give me a link to your mod, maybe the idea you have and I'll try to find the time to help you Warning : I have a huge time consuming and job, so I sometimes forget to check on Zomboid's Forums and I may be offline for long periods sometimes, sorry if I take a long time to answer your commision...