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Found 1 result

  1. So the trash can hiding and hidey hole posts got me thinking of an awesome and realistic magic trick we could do in-game. A Body Bag!! This body bag would be carried by a survivor and folded up stored neatly in a backpack or something similar. When the survivor comes across a herd of zombies and is spotted, they can get a head start around a corner somewhere and pull out their body bag and unfold it, hop inside and zip it up. Then all they have to do is lay perfectly still and all of the zombies will go stumbling by because the bag would fool their senses by blocking their vision of you because you are now inside a body bag, they wouldn't not be able to hear you because you are not moving and laying still inside the body bag and they will not be able to smell you, because the body bag is made out of materials that block decomposing odors, so they would be able to block out the smell of a live human. You would have course have to wait until the herd passes, then climb out, and fold it back up into your inventory, leaving it unzipped so you can just jump in again next time. Though if zombies spot you jumping inside of it, they will still attack you and rip the bag apart and eat you.
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