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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! We, the Offmonreal, small indie dev team. We already have experience in development, last year we released our first game on Steam. Now we have created our first mobile game. This is a test version.It called "Cat Vasya vs. Zombies" )). This is a shooter, where you need to hit the zombie animals and save your friends. The game contains 11 levels. More in the future. If you like it, and we see opportunities for further development, then wait for more varied levels. What we want to ask you: to conduct testing, there may be bugs, but the main thing for us is your opinion about mech
  2. Flight O Flight is a 2D scrolling shooter game which is based on the warfare between G.M.W gang and HAWK army forces. In 1990, the air forces of G.M.W. gang arrived in some countries to seize the most popular cities. As per the official report, they plotted an ideal plan of murdering the people by utilizing their air forces. With an aim of ceasing and arresting the convicts, the Commander of H.A.W.K. Army sent special fighter plane to protect the countries and islands from destruction. There is no doubt that the enemies want to seize some islands to build their own secret base. In order to sto
  3. Title: ONE DAY for Ched Version: 1.0.4 Genre: FPS Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK) License: Free Platform: PC Release Date: August 8th 2013 Developers: Bs1 & BSL Team (Ukraine) Screenshots: Description: ONE DAY for Ched is a free hardcore corridor shooter from indie developers BSL Team. The game has nice graphics, interesting story, quest elements and very hardcore gameplay. Features of the game: · Hardcore gameplay · Beautiful stile · Cool graphics · Low system requirements · Many kinds of monsters and weapons · Quest elements · High complexit
  4. Hey, so there's this game out on steam called "Warframe" it's an indie FTP game and it's okay. I mean kind of reminds me of mass effect a little bit but overall in my opinion it's not too impressive right yet. Multiplayer works great when you have a team that actually works together, some bugs here and there, there's a single player but it might as well be multiplayer seeing as how nothing changes. I found it a bit odd when I started playing as a noob they decided to dump a load of mobs on me from all directions when I had nothing worthy of fighting them with. In the end I'm going to give it
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