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Found 6 results

  1. I've created some icons for a retexture mod of the vanilla baseball caps and I'm really struggling trying to get the game to use the new icons I've created. The retexture of the baseball caps works without the need of any scripts, but this does not appear to be the case for the icons. I've tried using a script and I have had some luck using the "override = true" function. I got the new icons to show up in game when zombies were wearing the baseball caps, however when looting containers, any baseball caps within them are still using the vanilla icons. Does anyone know why this is? I've attached the script that I've been using, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. module_clothing_HatRetexturePack.txt
  2. EN: Hello everyone! My simple attempt to make our beautiful female sex beautiful and in game. As far as possible at the moment. Redesigned all skin tones and makeup. Mod is not the final version, there will be improvements. RU: Всем привет! Моя простая попытка, сделать наш прекрасный женский пол, прекрасным и в игре. Насколько это возможно на данный момент. Переработаны все тона кожи и макияж. Мод не финальной версии, будут доработки.
  3. EN: Club Lord of the Proboscis Represents: Supplement for mod CLH - RUS Translite (People's Russifier for Project Zomboid). - Spent a lot of time to completely redraw all readable textures. - Thank you so much for the help with the "word play", as well as with the explanation in the text packaging and the provision of a test card - VikiDikiRUS (Steam: Matrioshka). - Thank you for helping with the TruBlueBerry translation. And thanks to the whole PZ community. I will always monitor its performance and timely updates. Download Steam Download GOG RU: Process | Процесс
  4. [EN] Ladies and Gentlemen. If you want to make your own retextures, here are the templates that remained after my work. Other patterns you gather yourself (graffiti, posters) Also feel free to make textures narrower if the text in your language is not long (or expand the text). BUT! Do not go beyond) Who knows. Maybe the developers will add an option to the game, with which we can choose the language of textures) Скачать | Download [RU] Дамы и Господа. Если вы хотите сделать свои собственные ретекстуры, вот шаблоны, которые остались после моей работы. Другие шаблоны, вы собирёте сами (граффити, плакаты) Также не стесняйтесь делать текстуры более узкими, если текст на вашем языке не длинный (или расширяйте текст). НО! Не выходи за рамки) Кто знает. Может быть, разработчики добавят опцию в игру, с помощью которой мы сможем выбирать язык текстур)
  5. Thought I would take a look at a simple clothing retexture mod. I can work out most everything but the last couple steps to keep it from being a hack job. Only a few new steps here from a standard item mod. Create the item definition: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\<MyMod>.txt Create a texture image for the 3D character model: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Clothes\<subfolder>\<itemName>.png Create an inventory icon 32x32: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Item_<itemName>.png Create the model\texture\tint\GUID references: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\clothingItems\<itemName>.xml Attach the item to some distribution (place it in the world), the new ProceduralDistributions have a bit less boilerplate than the old SuburbsDistributions. <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\lua\server\items\<MyMod>_distributions.lua Finally, you need to have a GUID to clothing model reference placed in fileGuidTable.xml. I have found no way to inject this from a mod, I could only get it working by adding the reference directly to the game file: <game install>\media\fileGuidTable.xml Anyone know a way around this? Also, if I want the clothing item to be worn by zeds, I need to edit the game file: <game install>\media\clothing\clothing.xml I'd love to have a way to inject\replace XML in those files from the mod. That or some back door lua script way.
  6. Всем привет. Вот наконец, я решил взяться за русификацию текстур, для моего перевода CLH - Народный Русификатор. Как и раньше - прошу вашей помощи, если я гдето 100% не прав (Но Розвуд я оставлю как есть =D). В конце каждой неделе буду вылаживать ретекстурки в этой теме, если будут ошибки в переводе - сообщайте. ПРОШУ ПРОЙТИ МИМО ДАННОЙ ТЕМЫ, золотую часть нашего РУ камьюнити, которое хочет написать: ОНО НЕ НУЖНО! КО!КО!КО!КО!. В первую очередь, ретекстуры делаю для себя. А уже потом для вас. Так что свое мнение о ненужности мода засуньте поглубже. Простите за мою грубость
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