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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  2. I can not launch IWBUMS version 32.22 under OSX. I receive the message 'Steam must be running to play this game', but I definitely have Steam open and I launched the game from within Steam. I have tried restarting Steam, restarting the computer, validating local files under Steam, a complete reinstall of PZ, and resetting all the Steam files using this method here. If I revert back to version 32.16 I can launch the game, the music loads, but I am stuck at a black screen that I can not interact with. I know there is a setting under Windows that can be changed within ProjectZomboid64.json,
  3. Hello, I've trying to run a server with Hamachi to avoid opening ports, but every time I join the server the map has black borders (it doesn't load the cells), items do not spawn and neither do zombies. I've been told that this was a port problem, but it still happens with Hamachi. I had a friend try setting up the server (with a Mac too) and had the same result. I'm using the IWBUMS. So I suppose it's the latest. Though this problem has been happening to me since onlinetest came out.That Zomboid folder (in Users) is what I delete between attempts. I have no need to keep the saves at the mome
  4. I've been trying to successfully host a server on OS X, following the instructions by Rathlord. But anyway, I the map still fails to load completely. Black borders all around a very small portion of the map. Items do not appear either, and zombies appear and disappear as you approach them. Something is not transmitting the data from the server to the game correctly and I read that the problem was that the ports were not forwarded so I try using Hamachi but the issue still remains. Anyone knows how to fix this? Im currently on build25b and this has been happening since -onlinetest. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm trying the demo on OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 over Steam,but when I lunch the game shows loading steps and "warning early game..." screen, and then the game's screen still black forever.... Regards.
  6. I get the Early Access message and then just black screen, with the music. Anyone else? I used to be able to play this game, but not now! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon! -Asger
  7. Hey guys, so I was trying to get Zomboid to work on my mac, through steam. The game loads a bit laggy but crashes when loading the map, that part "this is how you die...". So at first at though it would be just one of those zomboid bugs that need manual fix( I usually use linux, so...) But reading some post in the main steam thread, user with similar issue it was recommended to update Java. Which got me wondering, how do I know i got the update Java? Really didn't found anything about it on my system, apart from Java Visual VM, there are definately a lot of stuff around from java on my syste
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