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Found 4 results

  1. Recipes: Butcher Small Animal Butcher Rabbit Butcher Bird They have PZ_FoodSwoosh sound... needs to be changed to SliceMeat.
  2. Hey, I remember few years ago there was a horde with zombies which was moving in random ways. There was random zombies in many places too. I would like to play with that horde mod, is that available? Now zombies are everywhere and just appears in random places on the street - I really dont like it (I back the same way and suddenly I see zombies in place where they shouldnt be). Didnt see also a bigger horde with zombies. That was really fun to trying avoid a big horde and sometimes I had to wait long time to back my home. There was also smaller map. I understand that on small map is easier to make like one horde moving around but that was pretty fun and I really miss that game. Additionally I would like to play some quests (stories). In older version there was a small story with his wife, that was a pretty cool. Thanks...
  3. When you create a character, its always 27 years old, my idea is to be enable to change it: 18 years old - 27 years old - Good conditions, healthy, more nimble, faster runnin, more cowardly, he can faster learn stuff 28 years old-35 years old - not so coward, it is harder to make him panic, normal running, faster, he got already a level in some skills 36 years old - 45 years old - weak heart, can have heart stop by panic, he cant run so well, he has more levels in something, but it takes more time to make him bored, or he is clever enought to realize that being sad is wasting of the time, and he cant change anything Or you decide the traits of the ages. Every year should have balance, example : Example 1: +A +B -C Example 2: +A -B + C Example 3 - -A +B + C something like this, or make age doesnt matter if you want
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