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Found 8 results

  1. Role-play: The current theme of our server is "The Last of Us" with spore zones, clickers, bloaters, 10 years later content and more. We aim to create a more hardcore experience that is engaging for all skill levels. Features include... RPG style inventory RPG randomized weapons Custom mods Dungeon style loot zone content Weekly Raid content areas for groups Plenty of unique car mods Boss style infected zombies and much much more Our server hosts a handful of QOL mods and changes as well as changes to the core game-play loop of Zomboid tweaked to encourage interactions between players but still having the ability to be a solo woodsman if you so choose. With the organic RP there are less rules overall as not to hinder game-play but still enough to preserve the quality of Role-play that Zomboid naturally brings to the table. For more information: https://discord.gg/Xf679Xr7Yh Fresh Wipe 8/2/23
  2. Now with a dedicated Discord Server! Join here> https://discord.gg/f3pWYkAUVY Welcome to Willow Hill! IP: PORT: 29900 PVE Casual Play 24/7 Random zombies. Slow time passaged (2 hours IRL to 1 day in game) Very slow respawn. Tons of cars and QOL mods. Open to suggestions on adding things as long as it's 1993 Lore Friendly. DEDICATED LONG TERM PUBLIC SERVER. 16GB dedicated server, North America 32 players max. No PvP. Casual CoOP. Not RPG. Safehouses are protected. Faction Safehouse mod installed. Vanilla map Zombie Lore: Zombification takes 1 - 2 weeks, only transferred by Bites. slow zombie respawn - enabling you to clear out and hold an area. Mostly wandering hordes/random zombies passing through after that. Randomized Zombies (rare sprinters, crawlers, rare smart and tough zombies), 2x Peak Zombies at 1 year. Zombies aggressive at night, but they chill during the day. periodic Helicopter Events Admin is on daily, submit ticket for issues/questions - or just DM me directly. Setting Many mods for more vehicle choices, RVs, motorbikes, ATVs, sports cars, military trucks, etc. Common sense mod Tons of music, dancing, musical instruments, boom boxes tons of video games and movies Trading cards in game - COLLECT THEM ALL! Lifestyle mod (music instruments! meditation!) Playable video games, arcade games, pinball machines Added Samurai, Crafted Knife/katana sheaths (player requests) QOL No Sleep Required. 10x faster books. Longer Days (3h/game day). Canned food/preservation possible. Map sharing and Map creation/annotation Proximity VOIP and walkie talkies active. Pantry Packing mod LY Skill books DISCORD SERVER - active admin - growing discord community - both experienced and new players - custom stickers and emojies active - multiple voice channels, custom voice channels - dedicated MidJourney channel for creation of fun art, emojies, and stickers (see some of our examples posted here) - custom soundboard
  3. You guys probably don't remember me, but I ran one of the first zomboid servers over 8 years ago, before MP was official: It ran for a few months before I shut it down because I became too busy to maintain it. Well, I decided to come back to Zomboid to start my own RP server. I've played around with a lot of the other RP servers, and I wasn't a big fan of how many rules so many of them have. Things that restrict who you play, or how you can play. Things like banning playing relatives all because some people abuse spawn mechanics and metagame, or making you jump through hoops to engage in PvP. Like, I get PvP sucks in this game and should be avoided, but knowing each interaction could turn violent makes every positive interaction very rewarding. So, I looked at how other roleplay communities operate. Places like DayZ Underground, who marry the gameplay to the roleplay with very few mods and rules, allowing the players to organically interact with each other using the game's mechanics to help tell their story, instead of just using it as a visual element. So, I only have 5 rules in my server: no discrimination, no explicit NSFW, no using exploits to your advantage, no bad roleplay (things like, metagaming, breaking character, or using unrealistic character concepts), and permadeath enabled with a 10m respawn timer to prevent randos from griefing (just, shoot the griefer, lmao) Then, for the mods, I compiled a list of lightweight, qol, vanilla friendly mods so the game still feels vanilla, but fixes some major issues (like changing how fast fire kills you, not knowing if car doors are open, or being able to draw on the map). I also added a couple custom mods to help resolve any conflicts between mods, fix some bugs they may have had, and add in a few more options for clothing at spawn, without simply allowing everything. You can view the modlist here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2968164028 I'm also avoiding doing seasons or continuous wipes. I've seen servers last a long time without issues because they have a whitelist cleanup system, and avoid heavy duty mods that kill performance (and also create terrible desync). I know eventually I will have to wipe the server, but that doesn't mean I'll restart the story. Reliving the first days of the apocalypse can be fun, so I might one day add a 2nd server with a 3 month timer, but the main server will be a continuous story, to help the world feel more lived in, and give it lots of history and lore (all player made!) Finally, for the settings, I've tried to make sure zombies are a major threat. The population is on insane, but to compensate they are blind, deaf, and fragile. Transmission is saliva only, since this is a permadeath server. Also, the respawn rate is very, very low. So if you clear out a ton of zeds, it'll stay cleared out for a while (unless someone guides a hoard back in). The idea is players will have to work together to secure a large area, but once they do their hard work will last. Loot spawns are the same, very high with very low respawn rate. I want to see where the loot goes, who hoards, and how players handle that. But again, to compensate, I did give players the vanilla starting kit. The game starts in winter, so I imagine canned food will become scarce as spring rolls around, forcing players to rely on farming and crafting. Admins are also not allowed to use their powers for anything other than tickets. In fact, I've enforced admins to use a separate login to use their powers, helping remove the temptation to spawn items or walls for their base. Too many servers run rampant with admin abuse, so here I've done my best to make sure the admins are very hands off. I've created a few abandoned bases around the world to give it some lore (bases from previous servers, however void of items), and in these early days I'll be hosting a few events, but once the server takes off and has a constant population, events will become 100% player ran, organic and unplanned. If this sort of thing interests you, you can join the discord here: https://discord.gg/XMZCbgS4eS You can also join the server here IP: Port: 8774 The password is located on the discord server, there's no whitelist or application process.
  4. The Last Rites Zomboid Role-play was built from the ground up with serious role-play and challenging yet rewarding game play in mind. We aim to create a challenging experience as time goes on with a strong reliance on player driven role-play that includes relying on others professions and skills to make it in this world. Food spawns are cranked way down and then turned down even further to supplement the need for farmers and hunters to feed the populous. Guns and ammo have also been toned down to create a larger zombie threat as now you must choose between using it on zombies or your fellow man. We have also included many other mods that add to the realism experience such as better lock picking, amputation, essential crafting scrap armor/weapons and many more that spice up game play. We offer custom content in the place of re-textured items and vehicles as well as allowing both text and voice role-play. We have a whitelist process that will be a no brainer for any seasoned role-play server veterans and takes only a short while. It is structured to cover the basics of role-play rules to also allow fresh faces to try their hand. We hope to see you all out in the world to come! https://discord.gg/UYDuu9yNmj Zhenka Jacket 2
  5. SERVER STARTING FEBUARY 3RD, 2023. 7:45 PM EST. 1993… Knox County, Kentucky… Hello, and, thank you for considering our server! Rivercity Roleplay has been running for 3 months now, and we couldn’t have done it without the continued influx of players, and much, much more support than initially anticipated. Rivercity Roleplay is a super-serious, text-based, custom-lore roleplay revolving around the infamous Knox County Exclusion Zone, and the survivors within. We strive on serious, immersive roleplay that is driven by players, for players. Our community consists of veteran writers and established lore-writers and administrators to keep the system running, along with incredibly motivated community members and assistants who make sure your experience is as good as it should be! Striving ourselves on a serious, yet lenient set of standards for roleplay and writing, we try and make sure the application process is heavily vetted- making sure only the serious, and grammatically correct applicants get in for the maximum level of immersion possible. We strive for unparalleled realism, and seriousness in our field- and try to make the experience as amazing for all players involved as possible. We feature - -> An indepth, custom lore that is detailed, yet not hard to get into or get involved with. -> Text-RP only, for maximum immersion! No character-breaks IC, and absolutely no meta or OOC in IC play! -> A freeform, gameplay-oriented combat system, no need for dice and incredibly complex systems! -> Serious, narrative-driven character experiences and storylines. -> A custom, long-form modlist that adds realism, character-building, and immersive mods, while also having plenty of QOL features aswell! -> A focus on cutting-edge realism, with period-appropriate vehicles, weapons, and more. -> A dedicated pair of owners and staff, who seek to help you with both the application process, and much more! -> So, so much more to explore and enjoy!
  6. JAG GAMING [NA][24/7][PvE][Hydrocraft][Wiping 7/29/2022] Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9aqPPtRjuH JAG (Just A Game) is setting up a new PZ server that will be wiped on 7/29/2022. Come by our discord to help us hash out the last mods and settings. As of right now these are the setting we have for sure 3x XP 5 free trait point Truly safe safehouses: no looting or trespassing Spawn at safehouse 12 IRL hour days (6 Day, 6 Night) (might be willing to adjust the day and night part a bit) The rest of the setting are still TBD Mods: A lot of map mods Britas weapons and armor Hydrocraft Filibuster used cars Autotsar trailers and Vehicles Inventory management mods Zupercarts 1 of the trait mods (which one is TBD) Crossbow mod Noir’s attachments and slings Vehicle repair overhaul With many more still to be checked out and chosen with community input. So if you are looking for a fun community driven server with fair and active admins join our discord and lets finish figuring out the setting
  7. Name: Vanilla Server Alen IP: Online Slots: 12 Location: NA, East Coast Currently running beta build 28. Active user base. Persistent server. No resets. (hopefully build 28 will respawn loot and zombies properly) Come join us!
  8. Come and check out our 32 man server, Always On, Dedicated Connection. Settings are set to default, will change according to what active population wants. IP: Port: 16261 Connect to our 512 man TeamSpeak and talk with other survivors, Private Channels available for Clans/Groups Address:
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