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  1. Join Apollo’s Dawn: Wasteland Warfare Discord Community! Embark on an Epic Journey: Explore a world ravaged by apocalypse, where survival is key and every decision matters. Why Join Our Discord? • Connect with Fellow Survivors: Chat with like-minded players, forge alliances, and strategize your next move. • Exclusive Announcements: Be the first to know about updates, events, and giveaways. • Airdrop Mechanics: Call in airdrops via walkie-talkie, but beware - one loud sound can attract hordes of zombies! • City Securing Challenges: Cleaning up a city isn’t enough; without secure walls, it could cost you your life. • Dynamic Environment: Loot respawns every 7 days in real life, ensuring a constantly evolving world. • PvP and PvE: Engage in intense player versus player combat or team up against the undead menace. • Protected Safehouses: Build and fortify safehouses for protection against both zombies and other players. (Safehouses cannot be raided at the moment) • Endless Exploration: Tons of locations to discover and conquer, with minimal rules and no staff team breathing down your neck. • Personal Attention: As a one-man army, please allow time for any questions or concerns you have upon joining the server. Your patience is appreciated! • Growing Community: We’re still a new server with only 3 active players at the moment, but we hope you’ll join us and become one of the active players! • Mod Warning: Please note that our server includes a lot of mods. If you prefer not to play with a lot of mods, this might not be the right fit for you. • Roleplaying Welcome: Roleplaying is encouraged and welcomed in our server! Join Now: https://discord.gg/dKaTjt7S8D IP Address: [ | 27135] Join the Apollo’s Dawn: Wasteland Warfare Discord community today and become part of the ultimate post-apocalyptic experience!
  2. Rot Project Zomboid Roleplay Server, Text Based, Heavy RP, +18 Hey Survivors, We’re excited to announce the launch of ROT, a brand-new Project Zomboid roleplay server! If you're looking to leave your mark in a post-apocalyptic world, this is your chance. Season 1 is starting the 1st of June! About Us: Server Type: +18, heavy text RP Season Start: June 1st Theme: Mature, darker, and grittier atmosphere tailored for a true end-of-the-world experience What We Offer: Immersive Lore: Dive into our rich backstory and detailed world-building available on our Discord. Every character has a place and a story to tell. Custom Mods: We've curated a mod list that enhances realism and depth, adding new challenges and experiences to your survival journey. Active Community: Join a dedicated group of roleplayers who are passionate about creating memorable stories and engaging in intense RP scenarios. Events and Story Arcs: Participate in server-wide events and dynamic story arcs that will test your survival skills and decision-making. Why Join ROT? Fresh Start: With our new season starting, there are plenty of opportunities for new players to establish themselves and influence the course of the server. Supportive Environment: Our team is committed to fostering a friendly and supportive community where everyone can enjoy the RP experience. Flexible Playstyles: Whether you prefer playing a peaceful survivor, a cunning trader, or a ruthless raider, there’s a place for you in ROT. We can’t wait to see you in-game and hear your stories. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Discord. https://discord.gg/xb4WXJBSaG
  3. IP Server : Port : 16261 Discord : https://discord.gg/YqKNeQGY Server location: Thailand There are safe zones in every city. (Server Low Ping)
  4. Server Info: The Last of Us Chronicles is a permadeath roleplay server, but instead of being up 24/7 it will be hosted in 4 sessions where all players get online at the same time. The 4th session will be a finale, ending the story until a sequel event. To play in this event you will have to join the discord and create a character with a backstory beforehand. Lore: It is October 2033, 20 years after the world fell apart. You have been sentenced to death by FEDRA, whether justified or not. Just before your scheduled execution a strange, well-dressed man enters your cell. He gives you an offer. Go to the abandoned quarantine zone in Trelai and prepare the area for reoccupation, or die. How easy or hard the decision was only you know, but in the end you look up at the man and choose to go to Trelai. He barely even acknowledges your answer before getting up and leaving the room. The next day you are escorted to Trelai by helicopter and dropped off at a random location, all alone. They give you a sheet of paper with your job and take off. They didn't tell you much, but you understand that if you don't get this job done before they return you will be put to death. If that proves too hard, you know of another way to get in their good graces. FEDRA found what they believe is an immune survivor, if that’s even possible, but before testing could begin the survivor ran away and escaped to this city. You have a picture of their face, and just maybe the will to drag them back to FEDRA, preferably alive. This is, as the name suggests, based on the world of The Last of Us series. For more info about the world watch the HBO show or play the games. Trailer showcasing mods and gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eszpQNGhOlU Discord server: https://discord.gg/Wn4EHV4xv7 Session Dates in EST (All are on weekends): May 4th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 5th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 11th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 12th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  5. Zomboid Underground is a hardcore serious survival RP server, with an emphasis on organic roleplay. That means admins will only intervene to handle glitches, or trolls not here to roleplay. The server is narrative heavy, with many players being advanced role-players or writers. Players will dedicate themselves to roleplay depression, grief, friendship, and traditions. There is a whitelist to filter out trolls or those who don't take RP as seriously as we do, but its accepting of new players and welcoming of all playstyles. https://discord.gg/XMZCbgS4eS https://zomboidunderground.com/ Join the story today! * Get by as a solo player, with settings to make this more lonely playstyle viable. Bump into other randoms, or trade with factions for repairs or loot. * Join or create a faction, and enjoy companionship while trying to get along with other factions. Fight for humanity's survival against the Knox Virus. * Experience a setting with minimal rules or admin powers to ensure an organic environment. Everything you see is real, every action done in-character. * Write your own story, with a server focused on narrative, without sacrificing PvE or PvP gameplay, giving the server a "Story Generator" vibe. * Enjoy a server with an optimized modlist, ensuring no popins, ping spikes, or type kicks, while also remaining balanced and synergized with vanilla gameplay. * Read the stories from previous wipes, or survive long enough to get your own epilogue, with chronicles aging as far back as the server's creation nearly a year ago. * Active server that averages 10 users for most of the day and 20 players during peak hours. * Weekly updates to the faction map, and overall story. Make an impact in this sandbox setting. * Wholesome community with people from all walks of life coexisting respectfully * Multiple events weekly, ranging from movie-nights to player ran key moments in-game. Notable Mods and Settings: * 1.3x zombie pop with pinpoint hearing but low respawn (large hoards migrate around, posing a real threat) * High initial loot, but rare loot respawns to keep the server going in the late game, and to push people to explore * Custom Modified version of Dynamic Traits so you can naturally evolve your character through gameplay * Knocked out system with 3 lives or body recovery. Permakill for executions or nonamputated bites. * Goldilocks zone of map mods, allowing more exploration without making the map too crowded * PvP and KOS allowed with warning, given there is reasonable IC justification for it. Random violence not allowed. * Wipes every 3-6 months, with community votes on the option to begin a new story, or continue the old. * Exclusive mods created for this server by modders in the community * Admins required to be transparent and fair, with rules and changes voted on by the community * Now allowing all ages, as long as players behave maturity
  6. https://discord.gg/daysend # Join Day's End! **Day's End is a season-based server that welcomes new players and veterans.** Our server fits up to 100 players, and we use an extensive modpack, including some commissioned by and for Day's End. Each season has brand new lore, brand new challenges, and brand new stories created by players like YOU. We have high effort staff-run NPC events, a bustling discord community, and are beginner-friendly! We require a server access form to join, but they're both pretty simple and will help you in character creation! IP: Port: 27600 *The server is password protected, you must go through our application process to gain access.* -- We have an average of 50 players online during peak hours. Staff from Every timezone.
  7. https://discord.gg/8xu6D9eXvg https://lastdayzrp.com (soon) Join Last Dayz RP today! Last Dayz Roleplay is a premiere text-based roleplay community that welcomes new players of Project Zomboid and everyone else. Our server slots are set at 64, meaning the server can keep under 64 people on the server, and we have a very great modpack for you all to enjoy! For now, we will not be a season-based server, at least until the server grows! But alongside this, we have player-ran, and admin ran events for you to enjoy, another note; we are newbie friendly. To join the server you need to fill out a short application form, but it is quite simple! IP: Port: 28400 Currently we're password protective, join the community discord today to apply and get access to the server!
  8. steam://connect/ [ Dedicated Server ][ ACTIVE STAFF ][ VOIP ENABLED ] CHALLENGING, REWARDING AND BALANCED SURVIVAL SERVER [ Join our community on DISCORD: https://discord.gg/huhC7mah2J ] [ Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3018192930 ] || Loot respawns every 28 in-game days - Transmission: BITE ONLY || || Faction/Safehouses(Only safe while offline)/VEHICLE Ownership - Shared Faction Map || || Looking for a challenge!? Take the SUSCEPTIBLE Trait!!! || - PvE Zone at Green Hell Community Center [27/32]!!! Check our DISCORD for maps, trades & voice channels! - - RADIO PUBLIC FREQUENCY: 500 MHz (For light RP or public chat. Starter Kit Walkie-Talkie covers most of map.) - +4 Free Trait Points - 10x Faster Reading - Double XP on ALL SKILLS - - Custom Starter Kit (Includes Walkie-Talkie for comms & CURRENCY MOD) - [ MOD SPOTLIGHT ] - 45+ Unique Map Locations: Unique spawn points in 12 major cities/towns - Rewarding Night Combat: Weapon XP Boost - Dr. Hyde's Vaccine: Fight the Zed Infection! + They Knew cure (also sold at Green Hell shop) - Skill Journal: 75% XP Recovery incl. Passive Skills (FIT/STR) - Brita's Armor & Weapons + Night Vision Goggles & Gun Scopes! - Unique Melee Weps: Reinforced Bat & Viking Axe - Unique Ranged Weps: Kitsune's Crossbows - Ammo Maker + Metalworking Expanded - Channel your inner junkyard warrior w/ Scrap Weapons & Guns! - TOP ZED-KILLER & SURVIVOR Leaderboards - BOUNTY HUNTING system run out of Green Hell Security Office - More Builds + More Builds Appliances - Expanded Helicopter Events - TONS OF UNIQUE CARS incl. Atelier Armored Vehicles!!! - Immersive Solar Arrays: RARE SPAWNS - Extra Trait Effects: Additional effects + balanced costs - True Music & Actions: Dancing, Sitting, Lying [ USEFUL TIPS ] - Stalker Masks protect from Toxic Zones! - Kill enough Zeds and BECOME DESENSITIZED!!! - Don’t smoke for 14 days to lose SMOKER Trait - HARSH WINTER - TOXIC ZONES - NIGHT SPRINTERS - WANDERING HORDES - Come join our community on Discord for more info!!! https://discord.com/invite/huhC7mah2J Official Server Map (Green Hell PVE Zone at green star)
  9. Please keep in mind the main server and everything is a work in progress. Any community links while this message is shown will be a waiting server. Exclusion Zone RP Discord Exclusion Zone RP is a roleplay server that is set 5 after the containment of Knox after the outbreak started. Everything is over grown, old and run down. Cars, food, weapons are hard to come by requiring you to grow your own food and to either scavenge, pillage or rob other people to stay alive. Even after all these years there is still no cure meaning every bite could mean the end to your life. We try to offer you one of the most unique role play experiences to date with fair punishments and no bias unlike some servers. We will happily listen to any feedback the community provides and may do some fine tuning on top. At the end of each season users will have events to participate in to end the season, build to the lore and also gain some slight (nothing to make it unfair) starting boosts at the start of next season. This could be books for xp gain early like a book, food, certain clothing, melee weapons, ammo/mags, treasure maps (if we add such systems) or other compensations that aren't listed. Any mods do suggest them. We would love to hear about some of the mods the community could suggest! Current mods: Diederiks Tile Palooza;DylansTiles;FearsFunkyTiles;PertsPartyTiles;simonMDsTiles;SkizotsTiles;tkTiles_01;melos_tiles_for_miles_pack;10YL_HIGH;10YL_VH;10YL_RC;10YL_KINGSMOUTH;10YL_SAVEYOURSTATION;SaveOurStation_Core;SaveOurStation_KnoxCountry;10YL_MAPS;LastPushTrait;LFScreams;10YearsLaterOccupations;10YearsLaterOccupationsSpawnItems;Nior Sling Tweak;noirrsling;LitSortOGSN;BarricadedWorld;TheWorkshop(new version);ScrapWeapons(new version);ScrapArmour(new version);MoreSimpleTraits;MoreSimpleTraitsMini;MoreSimpleTraitsVanilla;fuelsideindicator;expandedhotwire;Worse Vehicle Condition;DIY_EngineParts;DIY_VehicleParts!;DIY_VehicleParts!_GlassWindow;50PercentLessFoodLoot;amclub;BCGTools;Trash and Corpses;PaperclipsLockpickingWithMagazine;CWAVCSCompatabilityPatch;CW;AnotherVehicleClaimSystemB41;AdminLogs;ZombiesHearYourMicrophone;ImmersiveLore;KAMER_RepairWall;CryogenicWinterChelyabinskEdition;JOAFS;MoreLootSettings;Brita;
  10. Role-play: The current theme of our server is "The Last of Us" with spore zones, clickers, bloaters, 10 years later content and more. We aim to create a more hardcore experience that is engaging for all skill levels. Features include... RPG style inventory RPG randomized weapons Custom mods Dungeon style loot zone content Weekly Raid content areas for groups Plenty of unique car mods Boss style infected zombies and much much more Our server hosts a handful of QOL mods and changes as well as changes to the core game-play loop of Zomboid tweaked to encourage interactions between players but still having the ability to be a solo woodsman if you so choose. With the organic RP there are less rules overall as not to hinder game-play but still enough to preserve the quality of Role-play that Zomboid naturally brings to the table. For more information: https://discord.gg/Xf679Xr7Yh Fresh Wipe 8/2/23
  11. The story has been going on for 11 years in game, a single continuous story, no seasons, and performance is still good enough to handle tons of placed items and hundreds of onscreen zombies with little desync. The pop is 1.3x, but they have pinpoint hearing so making a sound can draw in half the town (and it can get scary!). Zombies are a serious threat, which helps the atmosphere focus on survival. As for loot, the respawn settings are set to rare with a random timer, to keep things scarce. There's a few large factions, a bunch of small factions, and a ton of solo players who all still find their way to survive with these settings. There's also some PvP, but no KOS, there has to be a warning. Upon death, its the player's choice if they'll consider it canon, and an admin will restore their skills, inventory, and give them injuries to recover from. The only exception are executions, which usually are saved for antagonist characters. The server seems to never dip below 10 people, even overnight on the weekdays, and the performance is incredible, with no ping spikes and little desync even with huge hoards and tons of players on screen. This server handles wipes a bit uniquely. When the performance starts to suffer, there will be a warning a wipe is impending. Then, all the players will take screenshots of their bases and inventory, and after the wipe the admins will restore them. Last wipe was about a month ago And finally, the best thing about the server is the people. Super friendly folk, understanding and patient. I think in the past year and a half the server has been around, less than 10 people have been banned cuz the admins are actually solid people, and the community attracts people who are serious about roleplaying. So, I hope you come and play if you like everything I said. Invite Link: https://discord.com/invite/PGyY7ufk8b Reddit Thread:
  12. A P O C apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults-only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. Apoc invites you to join us in an adults only, immersive, no limits roleplaying experience. We do not restrict *roleplay* in any way while upholding a quality Zomboid RPing experience. Our in-house modding team has created unique content that you won't find anywhere else. We embrace players of all skill levels, so whether you're a seasoned survivor or a fresh recruit, come join us and experience the triumphs and trials of the apocalypse like never before! • Incredibly easy whitelisting process! • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Custom Professions and traits • Consistent passive and hosted events • Custom spawn location (Player factions can get their own) • Custom loot distributions • Our rebalanced profession system places an emphasis on teamwork, making it essential for survival and success. • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • Unique opt-in events ------- • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Loot drop events • Lightly modded, QOL and custom content • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Global radio chat to easily find RP ------- • Modlist
  13. You guys probably don't remember me, but I ran one of the first zomboid servers over 8 years ago, before MP was official: It ran for a few months before I shut it down because I became too busy to maintain it. Well, I decided to come back to Zomboid to start my own RP server. I've played around with a lot of the other RP servers, and I wasn't a big fan of how many rules so many of them have. Things that restrict who you play, or how you can play. Things like banning playing relatives all because some people abuse spawn mechanics and metagame, or making you jump through hoops to engage in PvP. Like, I get PvP sucks in this game and should be avoided, but knowing each interaction could turn violent makes every positive interaction very rewarding. So, I looked at how other roleplay communities operate. Places like DayZ Underground, who marry the gameplay to the roleplay with very few mods and rules, allowing the players to organically interact with each other using the game's mechanics to help tell their story, instead of just using it as a visual element. So, I only have 5 rules in my server: no discrimination, no explicit NSFW, no using exploits to your advantage, no bad roleplay (things like, metagaming, breaking character, or using unrealistic character concepts), and permadeath enabled with a 10m respawn timer to prevent randos from griefing (just, shoot the griefer, lmao) Then, for the mods, I compiled a list of lightweight, qol, vanilla friendly mods so the game still feels vanilla, but fixes some major issues (like changing how fast fire kills you, not knowing if car doors are open, or being able to draw on the map). I also added a couple custom mods to help resolve any conflicts between mods, fix some bugs they may have had, and add in a few more options for clothing at spawn, without simply allowing everything. You can view the modlist here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2968164028 I'm also avoiding doing seasons or continuous wipes. I've seen servers last a long time without issues because they have a whitelist cleanup system, and avoid heavy duty mods that kill performance (and also create terrible desync). I know eventually I will have to wipe the server, but that doesn't mean I'll restart the story. Reliving the first days of the apocalypse can be fun, so I might one day add a 2nd server with a 3 month timer, but the main server will be a continuous story, to help the world feel more lived in, and give it lots of history and lore (all player made!) Finally, for the settings, I've tried to make sure zombies are a major threat. The population is on insane, but to compensate they are blind, deaf, and fragile. Transmission is saliva only, since this is a permadeath server. Also, the respawn rate is very, very low. So if you clear out a ton of zeds, it'll stay cleared out for a while (unless someone guides a hoard back in). The idea is players will have to work together to secure a large area, but once they do their hard work will last. Loot spawns are the same, very high with very low respawn rate. I want to see where the loot goes, who hoards, and how players handle that. But again, to compensate, I did give players the vanilla starting kit. The game starts in winter, so I imagine canned food will become scarce as spring rolls around, forcing players to rely on farming and crafting. Admins are also not allowed to use their powers for anything other than tickets. In fact, I've enforced admins to use a separate login to use their powers, helping remove the temptation to spawn items or walls for their base. Too many servers run rampant with admin abuse, so here I've done my best to make sure the admins are very hands off. I've created a few abandoned bases around the world to give it some lore (bases from previous servers, however void of items), and in these early days I'll be hosting a few events, but once the server takes off and has a constant population, events will become 100% player ran, organic and unplanned. If this sort of thing interests you, you can join the discord here: https://discord.gg/XMZCbgS4eS You can also join the server here IP: Port: 8774 The password is located on the discord server, there's no whitelist or application process.
  14. InWelcome to Project Insanity .a unique, immersive experience that combines the survival elements of the game with roleplaying opportunities, creating a world where players can shape their own stories and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Our server is well-modded, with carefully curated mods that enhance gameplay and make it more challenging and rewarding. We have a team of active staff members who are committed to creating a positive environment for players to enjoy, and a friendly and engaging community that welcomes new players. Features: Well-modded gameplay: Our server is carefully modded to provide an immersive, challenging, and rewarding experience for players. We added new items, weapons, and mechanics to the game, while ensuring that the core survival elements are still present. Roleplaying opportunities: Our server encourages roleplaying, with events, storylines, and player-driven interactions that allow players to shape their own stories and develop their characters. Whether you want to be a ruthless bandit or a heroic survivor, there are opportunities to do so. Active staff: Our team of staff members are active and committed to creating a positive environment for players. They are available to answer questions, resolve issues, and ensure that everyone is playing fairly and having fun. Engaging community: Our community is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. New players are always welcome, and there are plenty of opportunities to make friends, join groups, and participate in events. Reasons to Join: Unique and immersive gameplay: Our server offers a unique experience that combines the survival elements of the game with roleplaying opportunities, creating a world where players can shape their own stories and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Well-modded gameplay: Our carefully curated mods add new items, weapons, and mechanics to the game, ensuring that players have a challenging and rewarding experience. Active staff: Our team of staff members are committed to creating a positive environment for players, and are always available to answer questions and resolve issues. Engaging community: Our community is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive, with plenty of opportunities to make friends, join groups, and participate in events. Roleplaying opportunities: Our server encourages roleplaying, with events, storylines, and player-driven interactions that allow players to shape their own stories and develop their characters. Our Discord Code is: https://discord.gg/BMZep7BGG5
  15. apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. We offer a fresh and serious, dark roleplaying experience. We do not police or restrict roleplay in any way. Apoc is host to unique content created by our in-house modding team and we welcome all levels of players on this journey of survival, triumph and despair. • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Interesting events, and missions tailored to all skill levels and play styles • Easy whitelisting process • Custom spawn location (Player factions request their own) • Custom loot distributions • A rebalanced profession system to emphasize teamwork • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Lightly modded for QOL and custom content. • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Custom global radio chat to easily find RP • Modlist
  16. Welcome to Project Knox RP. We are a small roleplay community hoping to grow into an active non-toxic community, We welcome you with open arms if your interested in Joining! Projext Knox Lore: It all began on June 13th, 2021, but let's re-wind, On December 27th, 2020, the Knox Military Base had animals as well as human life undergo unethical and classified testing. The Center for Disease Control would also be assisting the KMB (Knox Military Base) with the Development of a virus that could be used to for attacks against any nation deemed a threat. There were 5 scientists who were in charge of developing the virus with about 20 i total working under the 5 Scientists. they’ve named it PK-10. This project ran throughout the year, until June 13th, 2021. On that day, alarms sounded throughout the Military Base’s halls in the early morning. One of the infected test subjects with PK-10 had escaped his chamber due to a power shortage in the facility. Four C.D.C Scientists have been bitten, and turned. The Infection spread like wildfire in Fort Knox, with living dead on a complete rampage, sending things into mayhem and wreaking havoc day and night. Getting past blockades and different security measures. Nothing seemed to stop them from spilling more blood and their hunger for it. On June 14th, 2021, the U.S Army was sent to Kentucky to secure it, throughout days and nights, all you could hear were the bloodcurdling screams and the deafening gunfire. The Virus has been contained inside of Kentucky, and the military fights day and night, bombing runs, attacks to make sure it stays contained. ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ Our server is hosted by GTX gaming. https://discord.gg/vQ5gEEJY5y
  17. Illiteracy scrambles all literature text making it difficult for the player to know which book is which at a glance. This would add a nice touch to all those role play servers out there.
  18. A military operation shrouded in mystery and subsequent nuclear annihilation left civilization in shambles. You are one of the few remaining survivors, trying to rebuild in the ruins of Knox County. Upon emerging to the now post-apocalyptic Hell that is Knox, you start to notice strange phenomena- anomalies that, despite your best efforts, are impossible to rationalize. Something in this place is horribly wrong, and the worst part? It is beyond our comprehension. With everything in ruins, your best bet is following the promise of safe haven in the form of a radio broadcast, leading you to the Rosewood Police Department. Dead of Night is a player-driven roleplay experience focused on interaction with others and collective storytelling, ran by a team of fellow roleplayers. The focus is on the players and their characters' stories, with events to help push narrative forward. We aim to provide a challenging and rewarding experience where YOU influence the world around you. Gather your fellow survivors and fortify your base, for when the sun sets, undead hordes will grow ferocious. Featuring a large list of mods focused on providing realism and customization. Server details -Whitelist enabled. -PvP is allowed as long as it enriches the narrative and all parties agree to it. -Night sprinters. Stay close to your friends. -Extremely rare loot settings. -Multi-hit enabled. Not that it'll help much with Sprinters. -Default infection settings. -A dedicated event team, major story events as well as small interactions to make the world feel alive. -Streamlined applications system. -Unexplainable horrors. We shall see you in the Dead of Night. Our discord server
  19. Hey there! I am an admin of a Roleplaying Community called "Lockdown RP" and we are starting our server on the 28th of January. If anybody is interested shoot us over on discord and have a read on the server lore and then send us over an application! We are a modded server, with the modlist being released soon! Hope to see you in Wilson County real soon! https://discord.gg/z2BgMdpGna
  20. Looking for that good apocalyptic roleplay in project zomboid? Look no further, our server features a plethora of immersive, and roleplaying mods that enhance your experience. We are a server built solely for the players, and have active staff. Check our discord out: https://discord.gg/Tjj582b7
  21. Oxum


    REJOINS LA STATION -------> https://discord.gg/la-station <------ JOIN THE STATION - admins actifs - 24/7 - 128go ram-3.6ghz - Top 100 mods verifies et sans impacts sur les performances - Dll automatique / PVE : grande population Z / RP : events- lore - quetes / PVP : zone dediee statistiques du serveur : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/16653207 ------------------------PORT / 16261------------------------------ ------------------------IP / [RULES] 1/ Hors zone PVP vous devez respecter la règle du TIR A VUE INTERDIT C'est à dire que vous pouvez tuer quelqu'un seulement après avoir communiqué 2/ Nous nous autorisons à bannir toutes personne jugé toxique. Le respect des règles et des personnes est une condition essentielle et inaltérable 1/ Outside the PVP zone, you must respect the FORBIDDEN SHOOTING ON SIGHT rule. That is to say, you can kill someone only after communicating with them. 2 / We allow ourselves to banish anyone deemed toxic. Respect for rules and people is an essential and unalterable condition
  22. Hey! Thanks for stopping bye. We are a new Rp server looking for members. All the info is on the discord server which you can join through this link https://discord.gg/hNnNDJxc We would love for you to join! The server lore start's right when the outbreak is happening. There's the main server lore but this is YOUR story. You can do or be anyone you wanna be. There are about 100 mods for the server (haven't really checked how many there actually are) Anyone is welcome to join. Our main inspiration for this server is dayz RP. We see how fun it is to rp in dayz just for the reason of how much you can do and how realistic it is. When I first played Project Zomboid I realized how massive this game truly is. So I decided to create a server that is unlike any other. There are characters that appear in the main server lore that we need people to fill. No character is save. No one has plot armor. One of our staff members is always online. We will be doing applications for moderators, and other roles once people start to join. If you have any further questions please join the discord server and Id always be happy to help! Thank you - Solid Toast .-- . .-.. .-.. / -... . / .-- .- - -.-. .... .. -. --.
  23. C&G Roleplay Welcome to C&G, where we create a unique roleplay experience in Project Zomboid. We are creating a serious roleplay server with the premise of all characters being part of a single group of survivors. The story will evolve naturally over time through the actions of the players, but events are periodically thrown in to keep things interesting. We want to create the feel of a serialized story where each session is like a chapter in a book or an episode of a TV show. Want to roleplay outside the confines of the group? We also need players to play event characters such as raiders, traders, other survivor groups and more! We are looking for roleplayers who would be interested in this serialized, tight-knit, format of roleplay. There is no whitelist application required since this is aimed to run at a smaller scale than most RP servers. Anyone is welcome! Sound interesting? Check out our discord at https://discord.gg/hZ9xdX28b4 Note: We have a server ready to use and are currently planning out the final details before we start. We would love any feedback or suggestions you have.
  24. Hey everyone! My names Rocksfaux and I'm just posting here to make everyone aware we are looking for more people to turn our co-op host session for our streams on twitch into a public server. Ideally more people who wish to help us secure a area to turn into a community or even other groups to commence trade within our discord at first and see if its viable commiting to a server. It will be a modded server to aid in QOL improvements and such. Our discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/Rwhx2VMQ Or add myself on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/nickyarocks Or even twitch if you just want to get a glimpse first before commiting: https://www.twitch.tv/rocksfaux Thanks for reading and hope to speak soon!
  25. Hello to all who may read this. I have a very lengthy wishlist for this game as it has recently become my favorite game and almost most played game. I will do a TL;DR at the end for those who don’t wish to read it all. Here goes! 1: More clothing options Altough there is already a wide array of clothes in the base game, I think it would add to the immersion if there was even more such as but not limited to: trench/great coats such as the ones that were used all over the world by various militaries that add a small bit of scratch/bite defense but moreso keep you warm in the fall and early winter seasons. I know there are coats in the game that look similar to the ones I’m talking about but for the sake of roleplayers it would add such a nice touch to an outfit. One thing I think would be a really cool addition to the game is first of all, add more military style uniforms and fatigues in general but also to be able to find them randomly in houses and such. The larger array of uniforms and fatigues maybe would have the same stats as the ones already found in game but I’m thinking of people who like to roleplay and those people who like to collect and decorate their mannequins with them. Another thing i would like to see along those lines is insulated military boots such as the types that the brand Corcoran makes. There are military boots already, yes. However, something tactical to keep your survivors feet warm in the winter would be a very welcomed addition in my opinion. Last but not least, I would like to see a more diverse range of hats to choose from. More types of winter hats, more colors of baseball caps, military hats, the list goes on! 2. Shops and locations This part here will sort of tie in with my last section. I think 1 or 2 surplus stores here and there would be a really nice addition to the game and the loot you find could be some of the varieties of new and vanilla military fatigues. I don’t have a very large image of one, but one about as big as the gun store or a convenience store with clothing and boot racks scattered throughout, and somewhere in these store(s) is a knife container/display case. I also think a very good idea is to add fishing stores as well especially in Riverside, Louisville, and West Point where there could be a small chance to find some canned corn and carrots but also find some fishing gear and different bait types which would make it easier and harder to catch certain types of fish. 3. Weapons There are way more weapons than I ever imagined in this game. And i love them all dearly, however, some of the ones I have in mind might spice things up a bit. For starters, a viking style axe would be a very cool addition to all of our armories. It has high damage, average durability, but it’s extremely rare to find. Another weapon I would really like to see isn’t one that you can carry, but one you can actually mount on a vehicle. The weapons I personally have in mind, is something like the M240 or a Browning .50 Cal. It could be mounted in truck beds, but would reduce the carrying weight by 40-50% but could give you and potential friends a good edge in fighting hordes on loot runs. TL;DR I would like to see more winter and fall clothing, military fatigues and variations of them, a surplus store, a fishing store, different fishing bait types, maybe a viking axe, and vehicle mounted weapons.
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