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Found 4 results

  1. I'm sure that most people have crossed a bridge in PZ before, but how many people wondered about how the height works? Well there is no "height" because the terrain is not coded like that, it's just the bridge tile put in place of the water tile and painted in such a way to create the illusion that the bridge has height. This lead me to the idea of having cliffs that are not based on the height levels, like 1st and 2nd floors are, but are painted on the ground like roads and have a rock/stone color to make them seem cliffy and tall. There can be a orientation aspect to these tiles that wouldn't permit you to see what is "above" the cliff if you are looking at it from "below". You also couldn't build over these tiles at different height levels. If implemented, this would permit the creation of mountains while keeping the height levels starting at 0. Below there is a image(Not mine) from Age of Empires meant to show how a 2d game can create the illusion of elevation.
  2. https://ufile.io/w02uf I added a bunch of my residential and commercial zones aswell.. alot of building variety to be added to a map.. .I hope someone adds them to a map, it be cool to play in those buildings. some buildings might be missing room definitions, dont remember, this pack was abandoned months ago and I believed it was better off if the community had them. ====I strongly advice not to edit the buildings, they are made for the player to struggle to get in, Let the player figure out how to go in, them. some of the buildings blocks are straight puzzels with many dead ends==== ***DONT FORGET TO INSTALL THE CUSTOM WALLS IN YOUR 1X 2X FOLDER!***
  3. I would like to see in this game Mountains and different types of rivers, Potholes, Waterfalls and Rapids, where he is hard to get and survive, fast rivers in which to find excitement and explore other types of long ecosystems as it is surviving the apocalypse. Note: Im not a dev or moder is a simple idea. Meaby those ideas require a big engine change, alot of time and design many others things relationated with the enviorement, scene behavior and the height world. Many thanks for read ,sorry my English.
  4. The Problem The map of Project Zomboid if completely flat. There are no variations in land formation. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Adding varied terrain to certain parts of the map. The cities and suburban areas of the map can be flat, but the planned outer map exensions and some of the existing map should have some kind of land variation. Hills, ditches, cliffs, etc. Does it Make Sense for the Game? I don't know too much about the land of Kentucky, but I assume it is not completely flat. Adding some variation to the land will bring the map to life. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? Probably not yet, but might as well start thinking about new types of land formations before the map is complete and finished, am I right? A problem I foresee with this feature, however, is that some terrain would have to become transparent in order for you to see your character. For instance, when your character moves behind a hill, the isomeric camera angle would cause you to loose sight of your character, so the hill would have to become transparent. This might be tricky to do seamlessly, but it has been done before by other third person games.
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