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Found 2 results

  1. This is something that has occurred to me now and then on MP; I'm about to log out, but I wanna tell something to my safehouse friends about this house I found full of canned food and spiffo dolls. But how can I tell them if they're not here? Sure, I could grab a pen and a blank notebook and write it, but how will they even know the notebook is there, or even if there's something they should know on it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever dealt with such issue. Then, I noticed all those ''Cork Boards'' you find on almost every office or industrial site on PZ that have no use beyond the cosmetic one and thought ''Why can't we use one of those to leave notes to our fellow survivors?'' You would just write what you need to tell on a notebook, rip out the page and pin it to the cork board with a tack, and then everyone who came later could read it. Maybe we could even tack a region map to it with places if interest marked on them, so everyone can see them. Most of the in-game items for such a function are already created (The Cork boards, paper, pens and maps are all there. All we would need are the tacks, which would probably be lootable from every office or school), so it'd be just a matter of creating an interface of some sort for it. I think those would be of great use on an MP setting, and even on an SP, as a sort of to-do list. Not to mention it's kinda realist.
  2. Found someone's safehouse in a remote place and I don't want to rob them blind and move on. Never seem to catch them online though. Wish there was a way to leave them a note or something.
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