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Found 2 results

  1. At first I saw this game as the most potential candidate for the worlds best zombie game (not joking) and that's even way back in B39 IWBUMS now it's B41 IWBUMS and it's probably at the end of it, from then to now every aspect of the game got enriched, but something seriously wrong appeared and it's making me ... ugh how do I say it, not hate this game, but I find it less appealing, maybe annoying too. Back in the b39 and 40 you weren't forced to die by some lame and cheap mehanics like ones that came in b41. Losing a player actually felt like my responsibility, made me guilty and with these deaths I menaged to learn from mistakes that I made which ended up with me improving my awarenes and survival skill and then geting runs longer then 8+ months which was very satisfying, even if the game had no end you felt like you've acomplished something big when you survived for that long. NOW even RNG is able to kill you solo by spawning 30 naked zombies in a public restoraunt bathroom? Or dying to a lunging zombie who's able to trip a grown man who can't even fall on his hands and knees so he could stand up quickly and escape but automatically falls on the ground on his back and turns 180 degrees mid air to be more prone to zombies that are coming from the back and stalls for some time in a life or death situation by lying there for a momen waiting to be done with daydreaming probably, and that's not it! Recently bumping into zombies got "reworked and rebalanced" so that you can't move left nor right when you bump into a singe zombie, but have to engage into a "ouch I bumped shoulders with a zombie" animation while moving at a running speed straight fowards into some other zombies who are gonna make you fall wheater you want it or not and then when you start standing up you're gonna stay in a weird stalling position for 1-2 seconds and maybe get a scratch on the leg that almost incapacitate you with -80% movement speed, ofcourse if you didn't get stunlocked to death by 2 zombies or insta killed by 3 zombies who dragged you down. How am I supposed to feel guilty for something that game forcefully did to me and I could just watch, let alone learn from this, well I did learn that one or more of the devs is/are a sadist, RNG is not predictable and good luck becasue 40% or more of PZ gameplay is based on it in B41. I'll admit b39-40 were a bit too much on the players side, but from that period when players could slide 360 degrees around and now no longer can, they've kept that mehanic for zombies and more. In general when you close your eyes and think about it you can see how much the game has changed from those builds to 41 and not in a good way, right now it's basically like you're controlling a bot 50% - 50% you do the manual work like walking, looting driving, drinking etc. to him doing everythign to kill himself. Here I am at the end writing this kinda accidentally exacly 2 years and 1 day after PZ B41 IWBUMS dopped for public trial, the point is PZ builds before and after 41 are two different games, before you had the freedom of not forcefully dying and when you did die it wasn't so hard to realize that it was your mistake and not those 30 naked public bathroom zombies fault who stunlocked you to death. Congratulations, you're at the end, sorry for having to put up with this block of letters, but making an opinio based off 2.800 hours of PZ playtime worth of over 3 builds of infermation on how it's making the game less appealing is not as easy as it may sound. I'd like to hear your opinion on this dear reader, but if you're a new player who only played b41 you should maybe keep that opinion to yourself please.
  2. So, first, a scenario to illustrate my point: I started a new Sandbox game, and it spawned me in the middle of the woods. No big deal, right? So I walked in large concentric circles, expanding out as I went. After an hour (real-time) of finding nothing, not even a berry bush or a single zombie, it begins to rain. Fifteen minutes later, at this point I'm wet, hungry, and tired - I realize my strategy isn't working. I decide to pick a direction and just walk. I head Southeast. Another 1/2 hr later (with my actual fingers beginning to fatigue) I'm now starving, soaked, and exhausted. I'm about to just give up. Suddenly, I come to a clearing, thank goodness. It goes in two directions; West & East. I head East. Another few minutes of this, and it curves northeast. another 10 min and it comes to a road; Northwest & Southeast. Hallelujah! There must be a town or structure around here somewhere. I go back to my strategy of heading Southeast. Half a freaking hour later, barely moving and unable to run, I am nearing total exhaustion (and my fingers are aching), and I'm desperate for food and water. Where is everything? I decide to try and find some berries, and head into the woods again. Some more time passes, fruitlessly. It's not looking good, I'm just wandering aimlessly in the forest. I'm completly out of options. I die - alone, starved, and perplexed. Is this a Zombie apocalypse? I wouldn't know... I never saw one in nearly 2.5hr of playing. As far as I know, I just woke up in the woods, like an amnesiac dropped from the sky. That just felt like a total waste of time, unexciting, and not engaging - but it doesn't have to be. I love that you can get lost in the woods, and think being miles from civilization (as far as you know) really adds to the immersion. However, it's not very realistic that you can literally die of thirst while it's absolutely pouring rain outside, and reach exhaustion when you have plenty of trees to sit under (or simply stand still to catch a breath). Suggestions from Observations: 1) Water Sources; There needs to be more access to water. While out in the woods, or even in rural areas, some streams or small ponds, or at least SOME kind of water source every now and then would be helpful. Realistic, even. If you've spent any time in the wilderness, or live in a small country town, you'll know water sources are much more plentiful than this game portends. Especially after a rainstorm. They may not always be GOOD sources of water, but at least they're an option. Heck, even being able to wring-out the water from the soaked clothing would be a nice option; it's a totally viable solution when you're desperate and dehydrated. 2) Resting; There definitely need to be more options for resting, especially when lost in the woods. I'm really looking forward to the new animations hopefully introducing some more methods for resting without beds or furniture. It's ridiculous that we can't lay down, or even sit down , and sleep for a while in the woods, to rest and regain stamina. It provides just enough cover to at least be moderately safe, to a degree, for a period of time, and rest up. Instead we just stand there, breathing heavy, with no relief, gradually dying of exhaustion. In the middle of nowhere. 3) Long Roads; The roads are just TOO barren. Walking for, what seems like miles, with no idea if you're heading in the right direction is not very fun - especially after an hour or more without seeing ANYTHING. That's not a game, and I'm not even sure it qualified as a walking simulator; at least those give you something to do. I'm not totally certain of how to solve this, though breaking up the monotony and adding some minor interaction aspects would be a start. Maybe placing some street signs that, at the least, let you know there's civilization somewhere; a speed limit sign, a mile marker, a billboard ad, a rest area sign, an 'X-Miles to Next City' sign, something. Also, maybe the occasional random item, pile of junk, wrecked/abandoned car, etc. Some way to possibly get some supplies, even if they may not be too helpful. Something is better than miles and miles of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even seeing a few Zomboids would be a start. Anyhow, that's my long-winded two cents.
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