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Found 2 results

  1. All buildings around the 3750-8520 coordinates still have broken respawns. This includes a gas station, diner, 2 houses, a survival shop and a gun shop.
  2. Ok so first off I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this idea or a similar idea before. If any such posts exist please point me in that direction so that I may link them here. I kind of find it hard to believe that no one else has thought of this idea in the past but I could not find anything on the subject. So we all know how loot respawn works in sandbox games, you set the loot respawn interval and the loot rarity of specific types of loot. Here is a refresher image if anyone has forgotten what all of the default options are. We also are all probably familiar with the way utility shutoff works in sandbox games, you set the option to adjust the amount of time the utilities stay active. Here is another refresher image if anyone needs to familiarize themselves again. Now for the suggestion, what if we mixed those two mechanics? You would set your 'Starting Loot Rarity' as normal and you would set your 'Loot Respawn' interval as you currently do, except there would be a couple of new options. I propose that we add a 'Loot Rarity Interval' option to change the loot rarity of the world after a certain amount of time has passed (similar to how the utility shutoff works). For example, you would set it to '0-30 Days' and after that amount of time has passed the loot would tick from 'Normal' down to 'Rare'. Obviously you would need to have loot respawn enabled to refresh the world and make this work (so you would have the new rarity interval options greyed-out if loot respawn was disabled). I would also suggest that a checkbox option be added to allow loot respawn drop to 'None' as a final tick after the 'Extremely Rare' loot tick. Here is a picture of what something like this would look like in the sandbox options (mini-suggestion, stick all of these options on a separate tab labelled 'Loot'). Basically options like these would allow you to simulate active looting over time. What do you guys think?
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