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Found 10 results

  1. Grabbed a generator and tried to put it in the trunk of my car. Wouldn't work at all (trunk wasn't full). Put it on the ground to try and pick it back up again and it went invisible which was weird, but I could still pick it back up. Somehow after dropping it and picking it up and trying to put it in the trunk, the generator duped, and now there are two generators, but I still can't put them in the trunk.
  2. Just gained half a carpentry level for no reason, 5 minutes into a fresh run. Read a fishing and a cooking magazine and a few seconds later it happened. Then while looking at my skills window, I got MORE xp in carpentry which put me to level 1. All of this seems to have happened for no reason.
  3. No-Zombies Sandbox with abundant Food, abundant Weapons and abundant Other settings. West Point pastry shop has only non-food items (Concrete Power, Nails, Batteries,…) in the Glass Display Stands.
  4. When I drop items (either by Drop button or by mouse dragging) while sitting in a vehicle the items float above the ground once I drive away.
  5. Some (low hunger) food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat. Notably it appears to take longer to eat a Cherry, Strawberries or Radishes than a full Can of Beans or a whole Pineapple.
  6. When opening/closing a window using the context menu I cannot interact with it using the context menu immediately after. Clicking on the Climb/Open/Close action does nothing unless I move/turn around a bit. Also, when climbing through a window I don't always end up standing far enough from the window: https://libre.video/videos/watch/8ee20d95-a99e-42e5-91ec-6b04387c4d08
  7. It takes a different set of tools to disassemble a Sturdy Bench depending on its orientation. The version that has the front towards the camera requires a hammer, the version that has the back towards the camera requires a hammer and a saw. (The screenshot was taken in the Dentistry in Westpoint)
  8. I have the raw materials for a few Aerosol Bombs and a few Noise Makers lying on the ground. When I try to craft them all at once either by context menu or the crafting window my character picks up the materials for one product and successfully crafts it but before more materials are being picked up the game throws an exception (red box in button right corner) and interrupts the process. When I have some (tried with abundant Box of Sparklers and Electronic Scrap already in my inventory) or all of the raw mats in my inventory it works fine. console.txt
  9. The way Cooking Pots are filled with water (left in the scrrenshot) and how we eat out of a Cooking Pot (right) appear to be somewhat counter-productive.
  10. I had some odd loot in the Food Market in Westpoint: The green Vegetable Baskets contained Nails and the half-hight crates (which cannot be dismantled/picked up) contained Plaster and Concrete Powder.
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