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Found 4 results

  1. When I host a game with my friends, it always seems like all the zombies are in big clusters, really close to each other, and I haven't seen any spread out zombies, how do I fix this bug, please help.
  2. Hi my name is Felix and i'm a brazilian's fan of PZ. I've a suggestion for safe house/npc mechanics. If u have played state of decay 1 or 2 you might to know what i talking, change control betwen group members! But first you need to do a AI... please >.< ...after you can implement a system to manage a safe house or camp or whatever and change betwen group members, make some interesting npc’s rng skills and traits, and if my char is not fited to the job i swap to other char npc, this can work whit death too. Make some bad guys driving in highways, a good AI is required, do a code to generate some groups whit survivors around the map. And a new line of traits/stats will good ( Diplomat / speach :v ). I whant to do some tasks to this groups or trade... yeah quests... but not need complex >.> Love u XOXO, Felix. Art by: himanol
  3. Hey Indie Stone Devs! me and a friend have organized a faction war that I'm going to be streaming, but I was thinking that it'd be really neat to see this happen between the devs! There are 3 factions, 1 to each city. Each faction has 4 people (Which can obiously change.) There are 3 factions, 1 to each city.This includes the unnamed city on the project zomboid community map. It is a complete free for all between each faction, with the exeption of every 20th day. I really do think that this would be a hit in the community, and it would be awesome to see how you guys would play your own game, knowing the consequences to everything.
  4. Hey Guys, So I'm excited for the inclusion of NPC's and I've been thinking about groups of NPC's and some things about them, if one of the developers could answer or hint towards anything that'd be great Also I'd like to hear others' thoughts on things like this. 1. Will group leaders be different in any way? As in can an NPC leader be a bit of a psycho and try to steal from and kill other groups whilst an NPC leader of a different group may be an honest person who tries to build a life for people? If so, what happens if the player or another NPC disobeys them? 2. Can group leaders (including the player) create 'rules' for the group? Perhaps the leader wants no weapons on the inside of the compound, and if anyone is caught with a weapon they will be punished (again depends on the leader's attitude, slap on the wrist or execution?) 3. What is the extent of NPC 'settlements'? Will they only be able to take over and fortify buildings or will they be able to seal off streets or even construct a fort the way a player can? I can imagine this would be extremely difficult to develop, but it would be really cool if it was possible. 4. If I were to sneak into an NPC settlement and assassinate the leader, what would happen with the group? Will they 'elect' a new leader? 5. Will we see some crazy lone-wolf NPC's that are badasses but also insane? That would be interesting to see. Anyway, that's all, just hoping for some information on this stuff. Thanks, -GodWaffle
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