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Found 7 results

  1. • 41.78.16 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer. • Host. • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. Attack a zombie with downward kick (Left ALT by Default) in a fighting stance. 3. Moving during the hit, the zombie falls instantly. I think this bug is serious and it breaks the game. Fix it as soon as possible. logs.zip
  2. Hello again, wanna say I am a big fan of this game and would love to figure out what my problem here is. Seems to be the textures involving water and cars The link to the old thread is here, and I have tried all the fixes that the Moderator on that post had recommended. I have then since upgraded my pc a little bit by going from 16gb of ram to 32 and upgrading my GPU from a Nvidia1650 super to a 2070 super. My render Latency on my Nvidia Gigabyte 2070 super also spikes to around 2,000,000MS whenever I am looking tat he game while the bug is occurring, which is frankly a little high. Any help would be appreciated because I just wanna be able to play the game for more than 30 mins without having to restart because that is the only fix.
  3. In multiplayer, I've noticed a major issue. Sometimes (as I noticed randomly) some players will just disappear. Flat out stop showing as a player. Zombies will still target them, the game works from their POV, but from the other player(s) they are invisible. its horrible to play this way, sometimes my friend wants me to help them, but its just not possible to locate them because they are invisible. Please fix.
  4. Found some Cars looking like this. Really annoying because when it happens it also breaks my UI. All buttons unload and appear white until you hover over them, you get permanently stuck in combat mode and are unable to escape it unless you equip and attack with a melee weapon multiple times. Also cannot properly load Health UI or car UI (which means I cannot drive a car that I was using). Restart is required. Happens in both single player and Multiplayer. Is believed to be Host side because I host the server that my friends and I play on, and it doesn't happen to them unless on my server. Also causes the server to be hosted indefinitely unless everyone quits and I kill the program running it. Top picture is single player, bottom is multiplayer.
  5. Basicaly i was killing zeds with a spear. I was suddenly facing a horde and some sprinter zombies, so i decided to sprint to the opposite direction while holding the spear so i could kill the incoming sprinters without the horde being too close. Now here comes the issue. The sprinter that was like 2 tiles behind me somehow made me spearcharge into the empty space ahead of me. Even tho the sprinter was right behind me. This made my character stand still and get mauled by the horde. So the issue is: Player does spearcharge attack to any zombie near them, not infront of them. Suggestion: The player shouldnt stand still while spearchargeing a zombie. Suggestion2: The player needs to press another button to spearcharge while sprinting. Sorry for my bad english.
  6. Dear Developers, DISCLAIMER: I've written this letter with a certain degree of humor, but please understand this is a very, very serious issue. You've created a lovely game, and you've done a great job of adding in realism for the sake of immersion. I'm really proud of how far you've come & what you've been able to accomplish thus far. However, today I'm sad to report I've discovered an immersion breaking bug that threatens to unravel the entire game, and invalidate all the hard work you've invested. Your game is set in Kentucky, and you have liquor bottles named "whiskey" in the game. Do I need to spell this out for you? In Kentucky, they make bourbon. In point of fact, Kentucky is one of the few places on the planet where you can make bourbon because the ground water is filtered through limestone - which along with a few other brewing details is a crucial element of making bourbon as opposed to whiskey. Forget the part about zombies - this abomination is the real horror element of your game. I don't think it's hyberbole to say that even zombies wouldn't be caught dead in a part of Kentucky where there is no bourbon. What makes this situation even more aggregious is the fact that the region of Kentucky in which the game is set is right in the middle of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. https://kybourbontrail.com/map/?gclid=CjwKCAjw2uf2BRBpEiwA31VZj6bpT8zOjffj2EIyZjOD6evp8FHSJgMTRB-xusfNPTVSkID_2zZtRhoC4yQQAvD_BwE I honestly don't understand how such a thing could have happened. You've taken time to add Southern touches like remoulade and modjeksa to the game, but somehow this crucial element slid right off your radar. Someone screwed up, and there is no excuse for it. In order to atone, I feel that the development team needs to spend a few days on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky for research purposes, so that this gross oversite can be corrected. If you haven't done so previously, trust me when I say that doing so will be time well spent. It's not too late to fix this. It shouldn't take much work to replace the word "whiskey" with "bourbon." You're still in development, so I'm willing to overlook this unbelievable error...once. However, now that I've taken time to bring this to your attention, I hope that you will search your hearts, and make the only correct choice. Thank you. This message has been brought to you by the Kentucky Bourbon Zombie Gang. #zombies4bourbon #kentuckyzombiesmatter #bourbontrailzombies
  7. Just bought game, it start but can’t right click at all. Recognize hovering over button but no click it. Tried: reinstalling, checking game integrity, deleting options.ini, force full screen but it don’t want to be forced. Windowed no work . Changing resolution no work and also ive tried to reasign the left click to a diffrent button but that didnt work either . I’ve tried everything but no success... if it helps I play on a Mac with windows 10 home 64x running via boot camp and with precision drivers. I don’t have access to a mouse cuz Mac only have usb c cuz they stupid;( sry for the funky grammer ive writen this liike 3 times now and im couldnt be bothered with grammer anymore
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