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Found 1 result

  1. Allow me to preface this thread by stating: My favorite draw of games with customizable characters is the multitude of unique, interesting characters I can make. A lot of times when I play Oblivion or Shadowrun or DnD or Pathfinder, I care more about realistically playing that character than acquiring gold and levels. The beauty of success lies in the boundaries that were placed upon you and having different restrictions for my character gives me different avenues of success and extends the life of a game. That being said, I adore how I can take any number of negative (and to a lesser extent, positive) traits in PZ. It adds untold depth to the angles at which I can attack the game, so here is an extended list of traits a lifetime roleplayer would love to see in PZ. Positive Traits Adaptive: You gain experience more quickly. Aider: Wounds you treat are less prone to infection and are less painful. You can use alcohol to clean wounds. Adrenaline Junkie: Panic reduces your anxiety and boredom. You become less fatigued while panicking. Affable: Other survivors are more likely to ally with you and are willing to give you better bargains in trades. Armorer: You are more effective at repairing your equipment and require less materials to do so. Avid Reader: Books and newspapers give you a small amount of experience in random skills. Additionally, reading reduces your anxiety. Catlike: You suffer less vision penalty at night. Additionally, you take less falling damage. Educator: You can craft manuals of your current skill level (Cooking for Intermediates, etc.) instead of writing journals. Manuals take as much time to write as they take to read. Escape Artist: You are slowed less by nearby zombies and trees. You can break windows by jumping through them. Explorer: Exploring new areas reduces your anxiety and unhappiness. Additionally, you don't become fatigued as quickly when in new places. Fast Healer: You heal at an accelerated rate. Guardian: Allies near you experience less anxiety and panic. When you are near an ally, you deal increased damage to zombies. Juggernaut: You have more life than most people. Looter: You can pick up and pack items at a faster rate. Items you have recently found (for the first time) have temporarily reduced weight. Pack Mule: You can equip two backpacks. Prisoner: You don't become bored as quickly and improvised weapons (such as forks or scissors) have more durability. Scrounger: You suffer less from penalties imposed by certain foods. Uncooked foods are less likely to sicken you. Negative Traits Addiction: Extended use of certain substances result in dependency. The substances can include, alcohol, anti depressants, beta blockers, cigarettes, painkillers, and sleeping pills. Your addiction must be satisfied every day or your anxiety and unhappiness will rise more quickly. Arrhythmia: You take damage from high exertion. Asthma: For one hour every day, you become exhausted, regardless of activity. Depression: You become unhappy more quickly. Diabetes: Not eating enough sugar causes you to become exhausted and/or fatigued. Envious: You become anxious around other survivors. Hydrophobic: You become anxious near bodies of water or during rainstorms. Illiterate: You aren't able to read books or newspapers. You cannot write journals. Loner: You have a hard time turning other survivors into allies. Osteoporosis: You have a higher chance of sustaining broken bones and fractures. Pacifist: You gain XP in weapon skills at half the normal rate. Paranoia: Your anxiety causes you to panic. Hoarder: You become anxious when you aren't carrying at least 80% of your carrying capacity. If you want to add more to the compendium, just post in this thread. I'll do my best to keep it updated/add more.
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