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Found 5 results

  1. Zeek's Haven [24/7 US East|NY Server][PVP][CSpawns][24GB RAM][Weekly Soft Wipes][Monthly Hard Wipes] Server + TeamSpeak Status: ONLINE + ONLINE Forums: Home Common Events: Invasion Wanted/Kill Target That Darn Hobbes Airdrop Rare Events: The Fourth Horsemen Army Unique Events: Zeek's Haven is a 24/7 US East server for Project Zomboid. It is community-driven, and is closely monitored and run by community members and administrative staff. Server is always updated to the latest version of the game. We have a community base that will be updated as time progresses and have several custom spawn points in the works. PVP is allowed, don't let pride cloud judgment. You have the choice to map out your own path, but make sure it won’t result in the death of you. Donation Info: All Donators will be Perm white-listed and allowed priority access to the server. We will also treat our donators with assistance in the event that a cheater or hacker destroys bases or any collection of goods we will help to restore the effort that was lost. This is not a protection against bandits. Donations of $10 or more and we will backup your character made structures protecting it from any hard wipes. Your stuff will be saved and reserved. This is of course limited, and is not protected from patch updates and will only be good for one month or extended by another donation. Greater donations will allow bigger areas and extended backups explained below. Player Made Structure Backups: (one crate = one tile)(no limit on height of the structure)(no assistance in rebuilding if wipe due to patch) $10 - 20x20 tiles, 1 month backup $15 - 30x20, 1 month backup $20 - 40x20, 1 month backup $25 - 50x20, 1 month backup $50 - 50x20, 3 month backup $100 - 50x50, 3 month backup(rebuilding assistance if patch wipe) We will need to be made aware of the location of your base in order to make backups. Thank you for your support! Server Rules: No Reloading Same Characters/Loading a Character from Another Server No cheating/hacking/flooding/spamming (Ban) No spamming fires (Ban) Keep language as PG-13 as possible, foul language okay in jokes No racism, sexism, or attacks to a person with disabilities (Warning, then Ban) PVP rules: KOS (Kill On Sight) is allowed Looting of player-made bases, destroying fortifications, and raiding are allowed Bandits and Heroes allowed, create your own path! RP Rules: TBA. Server Info: Processor: i7 4790k 4.4Ghz RAM: 24GB @ 2133Mhz Server Cap: 34 Hard Drive: SSD 120GB OCZ Max IOPS, w/ 4TB HDD Backup Server Provider: Zeek Website: http://zeekshaven.weebly.com/ TeamSpeak Server: RichAdmin Event Website: http://achanes.wix.com/ourlaststandpz
  2. I have never seen any Asian maps in PZ. So I made these buildings just for idea. Houses: Japanese House https://www.dropbox.com/s/kw0qfjaf4php270/japanese%20House.tbx?dl=0 Chinese Restaurant https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0a07szahv8geim/chinese%20house.tbx?dl=0 Middle Eastern House https://www.dropbox.com/s/slaooyt36qzqwlg/oriental%20house.tbx?dl=0
  3. Hey guys, I've got a Hamachi server up and running for anyone who would like to join. Me and a friend have been playing for a while together and I figured it would make things much more interesting if there were more than just us two online at one time, so here I am! There are quite a few mods and a lot of various towns you can explore that make for a very varied experience. Rules: - Do not randomly kill others. PVP is enabled, however, you must announce that you are attacking someone else by typing in global chat /attack <playername>. - If you plan on raiding an encampment, you must type /raid <playername>. The player name in this case can be any survivor inside of the base you are raiding. - If you are assisting in a raid, you must type /raidassist <raidleader>. The raid leader is the one who initiated the raid by typing /raid. - Sledgehammers cannot be used when raiding; only when making fortifications. - If you have PVP enabled, you are considered a raider; other players may attempt to kill you on sight if you have a weapon out and are not combating zombies. - Respect other players. - There is a light RP atmosphere in this server. You will be required to act in a somewhat realistic manner. Consider your actions and words, as well as potential reactions of other survivors in a realistic setting. - Last but not least, have fun! Mod list: Additional Skill Books Cremation Spraypaint Mod SVGPaintMod Guy's Mod Hydrocraft inSayne Electrics Extended Building Options More Zombie Loot Civilian MREs ORGM bcUtils 1.2 Hotbar 0.5.0 Hamachi server information: IP: Network name: SykrissesPZServer1 Password: 1 Network name: SykrissesPZServer2 Password: 2 Network name: SykrissesPZServer3 Password: 3 Network name: SykrissesPZServer4 Password: 4 You will need to have the -nosteam argument in your launch options to be able to connect. Link for mod-pack: Server settings (may change based on feedback): PM me if you have any troubles connecting and I will gladly assist you in solving the issue(s). I look forward to seeing you online!
  4. Hosted in Boston on a dedicated server. The server was launched June 17th, 2014. We do NOT perform map resets, and will only do so when/if future builds require it. If you dislike the concept, play somewhere else. If you want to debate the concept, you will be ignored. Yes, the server has been pretty much fully looted, although as of this writing, there are still some untouched buildings. Roleplay is not enforced. There is only one legit server admin, and the ingame name is simply "admin". This may change in the future, and it will be appended here. Currently a 20 user cap.
  5. Come and check out our 32 man server, Always On, Dedicated Connection. Settings are set to default, will change according to what active population wants. IP: Port: 16261 Connect to our 512 man TeamSpeak and talk with other survivors, Private Channels available for Clans/Groups Address:
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