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Found 2 results

  1. Iv'e been playing PZ for a good 3 years now and one of the things that seriously needs to be nerfed is the DAMN HELICOPTER! Before, it was cool with just the swaying away here and there, but now it seriously looms over you like the freakin eye of sauron. I even did a few tests were I stayed in the building, never went out, and all of a sudden MAGICALLY the helicopter appears over my house and begins its looming killing my character. Seriously unrealistic trick to kill the player. Just like a poorly cheap magician's parlor trick, this really kills the magic of the game. Another good analogy is those pay to win games where you reach a certain point of the game where you need to start paying because the difficulty gets so hard, same with the helicopter. The game realizes your living a bit too long so they BLAST you with a helicopter without no gradual progression. The game literally is saying TIME TO DIE HERE IS A HELICOPTER NOW WEEEEEE! Don't you all agree?
  2. Hey everyone - Xydonus just reminded me that the next installment of Baldurs Gate extended edition is coming out in a few weeks. To that end I'd like to invite people to join a mini group of guys/gals who want to do a complete Baldurs Gate runthrough start to finish, film it for posterity and just basically have a laugh playing in a group with other people. Anyone who is keen please sign up here with what character class you want to be as well as what night is best for you to play on along with the usual time code stuff and languages too. Ideally I'd like everyone to have at least one night free a week so that we can get at least 3-4 hours of dungeon delving and monster bashing in and everyone would need to have some form of teamspeak because its going to be filmed purely for shits and giggles but also because I need the practice. So if you are interested in getting some practice in before BG2 EE comes out then please sign up and lets do this thang.
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