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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm working on an experimental game called 'Onslaught'. In simple terms it's a Tower Defense game built around real physics. This simple combination allows for some interesting emergent gameplay and scenarios. The current v0.06 build is a complete one level experience. v0.06 Changes: – overhauled the prototype artwork / completely new look – play in 3D (was previously restricted to top-down view) – added ‘Help’ button; explains controls – new controls work in 3D (spin around focus, zoom in / out) – add warning indicator that points to newly spawning enemies – redesigned level sequence – added new “boost” item; place near turrets and can be configured to increase shoot frequency or range. – fixed issues with enemy navigation around slower moving enemies. – added some basic sound effect work for all items and enemies – improved water splash effect – misc. fixes Controls: – when you are in the game, click on the ‘Help’ button to see latest controls. You can download the latest version from here: https://oefun.com/onslaught/ If you take the time to play it I'd love to hear what you think - good or bad. Thanks!
  2. "This is a story about a gamepad,not just an ordinary gamepad,a very special gamepad,a magical gamepad! What is so special about this gamepad you ask? Well, let me sum it up in one word LIFE!" Bad Joystick is an indie platformer game I am working on, I started development on may 2015 and already have a functioning alpha build with 40 levels for you to play with, here is a gameplay video and some screenshots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW_oUuFGcCQ playable alpha version, more info about the dev process, images and videos,I will be posting to it at least once a week. Bad Joystick - DevBlog
  3. Hello ! We are a pair of newbie game makers in need of feedback on our half-baked game. After prototyping a lot, we settled for a combination of puzzler, platformer / maze, shoot-em-up and sci-fi adventure. Gameplay is much about interacting with blocks: Some can be moved, some are easily destroyed, some gets destroyed only by laser, some can be toggled on and off, and some sits in the background until you "create" them. There are spikes, acidic liquids and blocks that emit beams which bounces against 45 degree angles. Besides the different blocks, there are keys, locks, crystals, spheres and hearts for health. And there are buttons in the level for shooting laser and bombs at various enemies and blocks. At first sight, this might seem a bit messy with many ingredients, but we hope that this mix of problem-solving and action is entertaining and challenging. The game will be released for PC/Mac/iOS but is in beta stage now, with a three-level, playable demo ready. Feedback and funding is what's missing now, so we are grateful for any comments on gameplay or anything! There's a video at our webpage presenting story and gameplay: http://pollopuzzler.com
  4. There is a video on our website to help pitch the game idea, it is a visual pitch and game design of what we would like the final game to look and play like. Here is the link: http://www.kradenscrypt.com/ We are looking for a programmer to join the team! Here's a quick game summary: You’ve been the last to be banished and sealed into the Kraden’s Crypt, You must make your way into the very depths where Kraden himself resides, but many dangers await! Fight alone or with friends with the physics based battle system, where you control every hurl of your spell, every swing of your weapon or every pluck of your bow. Mix and match equipment and weapons to determine your class and play style. Fight Epic bosses, hordes of enemies and why not celebrate your victories in the tavern rooms with a few friendly crypt creatures? You may meet new characters that tell the story of the Crypt from many different perspectives. Never play the same game twice with our randomly generated Crypt that can catch you off guard through any given door! We aim to make this game a unique physics orientated combat game, where you refine your skills in swinging your weapons with mouse controlled combat. We are tired of playing games that require a repetitive array of button bashing with only a few variations to compensate. We want you to feel the swing of your weapon, we want to make a game that gives the players the ability to carefully time, aim and control your attacks. We want you to feel the impact of an orc’s charging attack, and see the consequence of mistakes, thus making Kraden’s Crypt all the more rewarding when you prevail! We think the fundamental game-play with these mechanics combined with clever scenarios and coop game-play will offer plenty of challenge, replay value and endless possibilities for the future of the game. Not only this we are story tellers at heart so we want these characters to feel alive, and very much part of the world around them. Some charters have had a rough past, some are just plain stupid. Some grunts of Kraden will prefer to Drink in the taverns and have long drowned their past in fine old aged Ales, and of course there’s the mystery that is Kraden himself, who even some creatures of the Crypt are skeptical about. We want the game to unfold through a randomly generated dungeon, so it will offer a different gaming experience every time you play. Of course we have big ambitions for the game but we want to build from the ground up and we are far from realizing our vision, If you like what you have read and seen about Kraden’s Cyrpt, and would like to see it come to life then help us by sharing it with friends and family, Spread the word! Also We have no game programmer on the team yet, Our video is simply conceptual emulated game play, a detailed game pitch, but we feel we have done a pretty good job portraying what we wan’t to aim for with our game, If you would like to be a part of the team as a programmer or know someone who would then please get in touch and contact us at: foster@wisewonky.com Of course we wish this to be a commercial game and we will negotiate a fair cut for those who participate, we know it’s not an easy task and we want you to have creative input so long as you like the fundamental aspects of the game. If you already like what what you've seen then we share common ground in what we thing makes a great game. Thank You crypt dwellers.
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