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  1. Working on improving the visuals of the demo. An updated demo will be available soon. This is what it currently looks like.
  2. Hello, I'm working on an experimental game called 'Onslaught'. In simple terms it's a Tower Defense game built around real physics. This simple combination allows for some interesting emergent gameplay and scenarios. The current v0.06 build is a complete one level experience. v0.06 Changes: – overhauled the prototype artwork / completely new look – play in 3D (was previously restricted to top-down view) – added ‘Help’ button; explains controls – new controls work in 3D (spin around focus, zoom in / out) – add warning indicator that points to newly spawning enemies – redesigned level sequence – added new “boost” item; place near turrets and can be configured to increase shoot frequency or range. – fixed issues with enemy navigation around slower moving enemies. – added some basic sound effect work for all items and enemies – improved water splash effect – misc. fixes Controls: – when you are in the game, click on the ‘Help’ button to see latest controls. You can download the latest version from here: https://oefun.com/onslaught/ If you take the time to play it I'd love to hear what you think - good or bad. Thanks!
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