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Found 3 results

  1. So basically I wanted to make barricades sturdier and found IsoBarricade.class file, decompiled it, changed health value but can't recompile it back. I just use command prompt and simply call javac *filename* but get errors during compilation. I guess it's because I miss packages/libraries being imported in the .class file? Haven't managed to find answers by googling, so here I am. How to overcome this problem? Thanx.
  2. In this thread I want to discuss how to peruse, and possibly debug the (decompiled) sources of pz. Please note that I do not in any way advocate copying or otherwise infringing upon the intellectual properties of the developers. This thread is mainly meant to help advanced users or programmers isolate problems in the code. Please note, I do not know how to recompile pz. I'm not sure it's even possible, given that decompiling doesn't always work correctly. Browsing the code: all that is required to browse the code is a Java decompiler. There is a freely available one called JD GUI on the Internet. Debugging the code: This is much more complicated. To debug the code you need the following tools: 1) Eclipse (java ide) 2) the JD-Eclipse plugin (java decompiler) http://java.decompiler.free.fr/ 3) the JDEclipse-realign plugin (allows debugging) http://mchr3k.github.io/jdeclipse-realign/ Configuring the plugins: You might need to go to window -> preferences -> general -> editors -> file associations -> *.class without source and set the default editor to the viewer with [decompiled] next to it in order for it to open .class files without problems. Configuring Eclipse: 1) Create a new project called pz. 2) Create a new folder under the project 2.1) Parent folder: pz 2.2) Folder name: pz_classes 2.3) Click advanced -> link to alternate location -> browse -> select the folder which contains project zomboid on your computer 3)Go to project->properties->Java build path 3.1) Click add Jars: add the jinput, lwjgl, lwjgl_util jar files 3.2) Click add class folder: select pz_classes folder You can now browse the pz sources through eclipse, just by clicking on the class directories and look clicking on the class files. Configuring the environment to run pz: note: pz is run from the class zombie.core.LaunchDialog 4) Right-click LaunchDialog.class -> debug as -> debug configurations Set up the pz environment variables 4.1) Click on the arguments tab 4.2) In the VM arguments box add the following lines (this is taken from the projectzomboid.sh file) -Djava.library.path=${PATH_TO_PZCLASSES} -Dorg.lwjgl.util.NoChecks=true -Dorg.lwjgl.librarypath=${PATH_TO_PZCLASSES} -Xms768m -Xmx768m -XX:-UseSplitVerifier 4.3) Set the working directory (just below the vm arguments box) to "other", click Workspace, and select the pz directory as the working directory. Congratulations, you can now run pz in the Eclipse debugger! Just click the little bug-beetle thing to launch it. Remember, the file you want to run is LaunchDialog.class. If pz crashes, if you're lucky, the debugger will stop on the exact (decompiled) source line where the crash occurs. Debugging example: This is not going to be a tutorial on debugging, since if you are doing this, you should probably know the basics already. However since it's not possible to recompile the decompiled code, at least to my limited knowledge, sometimes debugging is not easy. So here is an example of how I did it: to test/debug/fix some issues I had with the forum build crashing on linux, I had to do the following: 1) set a breakpoint at the first line of main() in LaunchDialog 2) In the expressions tab of the of the debugger (top-right window) I put in some java expressions I wanted to try: System.loadLibrary("xx"); 3) run the debugger on LaunchDialog 4) the program will stop at the first line of main and the expression will be evaluated automatically 5) click the resume button to continue So that's it. Easy, right?
  3. Hi all, I would like to paint over the character animation sprites. Is there any way to get them so I can load them into photoshop? thx! PS.: (sorry if this has been asked before, am new here and the search didnt bring anything up)
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