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Found 2 results

  1. Right now the only things a crowbar can pry are wooden window/door barricades. So I was thinking they should also be able to directly pry open windows, doors and even car doors so you can get inside without having to break anything or look for a key! I think this pry mechanic would be some skill based ability like hotwiring a car and it'd be highly leveled up with the burglar occupation too by default. As for how other characters would level it up I think it would be by attempting to pry things again and again. Any character could do it if they had a crowbar but it'd take time to be able to do it efficiently and successfully. I think a pry operation could start by having a crowbar and right clicking what you want to pry and selecting the option to do so. Like hotwiring it'd take some tries and time to do it successfully. A slimjim ( previously suggested) would be better for cars though. This would make the crowbar more valuable than just a basic melee weapon that pries off wood barricades.
  2. One Thing that has been annoying me is how near useless the crowbar has been in the game. Sure its a very durable weapon, but because it tires characters out so fast and has no other uses, most people avoi picking one up They are quite the versatile tool and hopefully something can be added where you can pop open locked doors, windows, and maybe other items that could be sealed later like crates. It doesn't make sense that you can only smash windows and doors open with one, but can't take the quieter and easier approach of prying them open. Another thing is that they could give you an option of lifting up manhole covers which brings to the next part of this suggestion; Sewer exploration. If not able to be added into the game, then maybe a mod, but it would be interesting to delve into the sewer system below the towns. On the positive side, they are alternate routes to get from one side of a town to another, and can hide from zombies topside. On the negative aspects, sewers are not a good place for your health, too dark to see where your going without a light, zombies could already be roaming down there, and a good rainstorm can flood parts of the sewer, making places inaccessible.
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