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Found 1 result

  1. How about the ability to paint windows? Instead of covering them with sheets why not just paint them? Any color of paint in real life would completely seal it from light therefore sight. What about some other ways to cover windows as well. Cardboard for instance. There are cardboard boxes in the game that you can loot. Why not make them breakable with cardboard as the item drop. Then you could cover windows with it, using a hammer and nail, or even tape. Then there is the bath towel. I'm not 100% sure you can't cover a window with it already, pretty sure i tried though. A bath towel could cover a window with some tape but i doubt it would be big enough to nail up. Duct tape.... ah duct tape. You could cover a window with a roll of duct tape for sure. just tape the glass up. I bet a full roll of duct tape would cover more than 1 window. probably more like 3 windows. garbage bag. come on, we have all seen a window taped up with a garbage bag. tarp. nailed or taped. probably could cut it so that it could cover 2 windows most likely. wire or even better, barbed wire. I could hammer nails around a window and wrap wire around it then weave back and forth from nail to nail then bend the nials over making a grid of wire. easily seen through. probably even get grabbed, scratched, or bit through. but not easy to pass by for a zed. newspaper and tape. an unfolded newspaper with some tape could cover a window
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