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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all Quite new at programming for Zomboid but I have to start somewhere so sorry for the stupid questions. My firts hopefully small goal is that I want to be able to write a small mod that changes recipes already in the game. That beeing either adding items keept after crafting or new items gotten after dismantling something. I've figured out how to alter the standard game files to achieve my goals but for the sake of learning i would love to gain the knowledge how to make this into a mod so it can be shared with everbody. So my question is how do i write a script that tweaks / changes already excisting recipes in the game ??
  2. How do I make my object (for example, a custom can) placeable in the world like some of vanila items are? I just don`t get what it referrs to or what kind of an option this is.
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question, when using table.insert does it insert the new entry at the top or bottom of the table index wise? Thanks!
  4. All, I am working on my mod which adds new guns and ammos to the PZ world, I am working on a distributions script to give a chance for spare empty magazines to show up, however I don't want them showing up if the reload difficulty is set on easy... I have tried a couple of things testing it out on an item spawning script to no avail... does someone have an idea what that scrip would be? Much thanks in advance!
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