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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there folks, so... yeah. Me and some other folks has been spending alot of our nights on a few multiplayer servers now for some time. And as it becomes very dark by the time the stars starts showing up, it becomes very hard to work. So we've mostly talk and such under that time. And at one point I wondered: "Wouldn't usable playing cards for the multiplayer version be the perfect time waster under the dark hours?" I mean.. I'm sure it's already been thought of, but I ain't seen any conversations about it around the forum before. But the great thing about it I imagine you can do is, you find a deck of cards, gather around a campfire and start a game of poker(for example) with a few lads. You could bet a gun or some food items, ect. And actually have something to do under the night or day. Depending on if you don't have something to do. It wouldn't have to be something super complicated to put into the game. Just the cards hovering infront of the screen, having a few animations there and there. Ah.. there's more I could describe it to be like but I'll leave it for there and I'll hear what you folks think of the idea.
  2. I've found a lot of toys, cards, rubix cubes. Most times I find myself just wandering around the safe house during the rain with nothing to do. They should have the same effect as books/magazines/newspapers.
  3. Changed the way some previously unused and useless items work. They now reduce boredom and have multiple uses and will wear out and break completely or be repaired. The yo-yo now needs string to make it functional and repairable. The locket needs to be repaired when it breaks with a screwdriver, which will be damaged and lost after the repair. You can eat raw coffee to reduce boredom and risk of thirst and unhappiness and drink bleach of you want to, though it's not encouraged. Adds a new weapon, the broken comb. It's not very useful, except to jam it in a few zombies skulls. If you can't find a weapon and all you have is a comb, it is a real life saver. Not the best way to get the job done, but will do until something better can be made. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) Old versions: 1.0 Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "/media/scripts/" directory.
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