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Found 2 results

  1. A very effective strategy in PZ is to get some dirt, and bring it to a secluded roof top, then survive indefinitely. Or, you know... A floating fortress of anti-gravity. That, uh... Too.Yeah. 100% legit.Anyways: A way to add some realism and balance this out would be for dirt to have a 'fertility' value that a plant draws from when harvested. Example: you grab a dirt tile from suburbs with a fertitlity of 14. You plant potatoes which offer 30 food points (Hunger reduction = FP) Lets say we divide given hunger by 10 to determine required fertility to grow a stage, giving it 3. Each time it grows a stage it reduces this value from the dirt's fertility. There are 5 stages: (From wiki) Seedling doesn't count as a stage which reduces though. 1.Seedling (Don't minus for this stage) 2.Young 3.Fully Grown 4.Ready to Harvest 5.Seed-bearing So the total reduction is 12 from 14, leaving 2. Now, growing a plant in semi-infertile soil will cause it to give far less food, and be unable to produce seeds. And when the infertility reaches 0, plants have a large chance to fail to grow. How to fix this? Use fertiliser and/or rotten food to increase fertility. rotten food (Or even un-rotten?) will give fertility based on it's FP. Fertilizer will give a huge bonus (Imagine like +20-30) or: Get new dirt, placing old dirt back on grass will allow it to slowly regain fertility over time. Another potential way to go about this is to use a multi-fertility system, where dirt is considered to have (Lets say) 4 types of fertility. Each crop would take a bit from each type (More from some, less from others) and each crop replenishes different fertility's while taking from the others. Allowing a PC to use crop rotation like a real farmer. Though how you would do this in about 6 inches (With generous rounding) of dirt is out of my experience. Now about dirt: Dirt from different areas should give different starting fertility. Dirt from the suburbs has all of the products from the suburbs in it to start, cleaning products, gardening pesticides and weed killers, car oil, and constantly being washed out into streets (The inherent nutrients can be washed out in rain and drained into sewers instead of into more dirt.) along with many more problems inherent to suburban gardening. Dirt from the woods is better because it has more natural decomposition depositing nutrients, more animals contributing to the nutrients, and fewer pollutants in side. Dirt from a farm would have the highest starting fertility, as this dirt would have all the required fertilization already added, have been tended and kept clean by professionals, etc. And if you mixed dirt types in a bag you would get mixed dirt, better than suburbs but a little less than woods. AND (This part is important) Dirt directly connected to the ground (Grass tiles more specifically) will constantly gain 1-3 fertility per day/week up to their natural max (For that area). This dirt gains more fertility when it rains than on dry days/weeks. Over farming can still deplete this dirt, but it would take a ton of farming in a very short time. And with farming knowledge you would be able to tell a dirt tile's fertility, but even at lvl 1 you should be able to tell when dirt is out of fertility (If for no other reason than just to stop new players from ripping out their hair and blaming the game for why there crops stopped growing for 'no reason') So what does everyone think? I did a quick search, and looked through common suggestions but I didn't see anything.
  2. Last night I was playing PZ and I was using the hammer (with the strong perk but I have used it many times without it) and the hammer is very op. You almost never get exhausted from swinging it , it takes a very long time to break and it does a lot of damage. The only thing slightly balancing it would be that the reach is short but that has not been an issue in my multiple hours of using it. One way I think it could be balanced is slightly lowering the damage and making it break faster but these are my only two ideas.
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