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Found 2 results

  1. What is Cloud Assets?Cloud Assets is a simple and lightweight but incredibly effective library that allows you to add dynamic content to your Unity games in all the gaming platforms available, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Windows Store, iOS, Android and even Nintendo Switch! This is the first and the only library in the Asset Store that supports adding dynamic content simultaneously on consoles, PC and Mobile games. It can be used to: Cross promote your game with Video, Images, or Text Ads. Show news to your gamers dynamically. Display offers, new features, etc How does Cloud Assets work?Cloud Assets it's a Unity library that works with a single JSON file stored in a server to serve text, images and videos to use in your projects. You can change the content of your game without having to update the binary. You just need to change the references to the assets in the JSON file in seconds, and your game content will be updated.What are the features that make Cloud Assets the unique library in the Asset Store? Use it on any game platform (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Windows Store, iOS and Android) Display text, image and/or video wherever you want inside your game. Open external links in the platform web browser or the device store (mobile, consoles and PC) Works with a simple JSON file stored in a server. You don't need to be a programmer! Just change the URL which redirects to your games and adds the text, image and/or video that matches your needs. Use tags to quickly identify your assets and replace them easily. You can add title, description and URL in the text asset. Useful links about the library:- Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/116697- Game Troopers Website: http://gametroopers.net/- Cloud Assets Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkZtvv5GUSSUVWeVhRJ1tb3MaoZV7ILWP
  2. Namely, I'd like to see what a given player or zombie is wearing/carrying. Not everything, mind, but if they're carrying a bag, a weapon, et al; it'd be nice to have an indication. There'd be limits to this, of course. Weapons/items in hand, but only weapons and containers-there's no need to add a 'held' sprite for literally every item. Guns would be tucked into a pocket or holster, and shotguns with strap would be displayed strapped across the body. Various backpacks could also be rendered on the back. This'd make engaging the zed a more tempting idea; you see one carrying a duffel bag shuffling brainlessly in the middle of a small pack and go..."What's he got in there?" Early-game when finding a container matters, it'd be reason to engage the zed at all-because they've got a Big Hiking Bag, dammit! A little extra work, but not too much, I think; the code should be there, needing only a little tweaking...but then I don't know what the item display code looks like.
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