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Found 4 results

  1. • Version? • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? MULTIPLAYER • Host or dedicated? HOSTED • Mods? Some mods • Old or new save? Old, but occurs on brand new hosted server with just 2 players • Reproduction steps: It's been happening a long time even before 41.78.16 I just figured I report it here. So basically, when a car alarm goes off on Player 1's end there is sound coming out from the car and lights blinking in and out while on Player 2's end there's no sound at all but when you get close enough to the car you'll see that the headlights are blinking like how it would be if the alarm got set off. We got no problem with the ping/connection.
  2. One item that could be added as a craftable and would actually be surprisingly fitting and meaningful is a grapnel or grappling hook. As "fantasy" as it could seem at first, it is actually a real tool that was even used by the US army in D-Day to help in climbing. In Japan, it was called "Kaginawa" and it was also very used in feudal times by the samurai, their retainers, foot soldiers and also by shinobi, among its many uses, to scale rather large walls. It should only be possible to "craft" it and not be able to be found in the general world, with the only exception being a very rare chance inside a survivor house, and would actually be really useful for the game specially if provided a few small changes to the "burglar alarm" houses. 1- The hook As I mentioned, it is an actual tool used for climbing, and I mean the real grappling hook and not a fantasy batman-like grappling gun, but the real deal hooks on a rope. Its use would be the same as the "sheet rope", but from 1 or 2 floor lower than the target object to stick the rope is. It would be useful to enter a house or building from a window left open on the second floor. Maybe even make it a little bit longer than the sheet rope with a limit of 2 floors above in height (so able to get to a window or fence on the third floor from the first floor). It should also be a little tiring to climb up the rope (same with the sheet rope), specially in a hurry if using the run or sprint keys toggled to climb faster and have a small chance to bruise or hurt your hands if doing so without gloves. An important point is also that grappling hooks should be very fast to remove from the top and extremely slow to retrieve from the bottom, since it is surprisingly hard to make it unstuck if you are only controlling the rope from down below, but very easy to just remove the hook from above. It should also have a durability and lose more durability when retrieved from below than when retrieved from above. 2- Ring the sirens The burglar alarm currently feels more like a gamble whenever you enter anywhere than something that actually exists in the world since there is no way to check or prevent it. A few small changes that would not only make the burglar alarm more meaningful and more interesting would be: Houses with a burglar alarm should have panels on walls near the doors to the outside, both front and back doors, with a blinking red light. Players could try to spot these from outside to check if there are alarms. Those with the burglar profession should also be able to right-click on windows and "check for alarm trigger" and receive a confirmation if there is. It should be possible to lockpick the door using a paper clip and a screwdriver, requiring you to be a burglar or having read a magazine that teaches how to do it. If lockpicking the door, before an alarm triggers, there should be a few moments where players with enough electric skill or the burglar profession can disable the alarm. Right-clicking on windows and doors from the inside or on the alarm control panel should also give those with enough electrical skills the option to "disassemble > home alarm" which would simultaneously disable it. (Which would provide the same amount of skill xp and items than the item "home alarm" that already exists in the game and can be found and disassembled) There should be a % chance that any house created with a home alarm have at least 1 or more windows from the second floor left open. This would give meaning and a motive for survivors to make a real grappling hook and use it realistically for how it is actually used in real life. Throw a hook and climb to enter from the second floor window without triggering the burglar alarm, then retrieve your hook, disable the alarm from the inside and then get out from the door. There should also be a tiny possibility that a house with an alarm to have it disabled (Owners escaped or died without turning it on, but the house does have it installed) AND the possibility for the player to rig an existing disabled home alarm with a timer to trigger on purpose as a way to divert zombies from around the map towards that alarm house and open a path somewhere else. Saddistic Event: 1 or 2 days after the power gets cut, all burglar alarms in all houses of all cities that have not been already dealt with should trigger at the exact same time by their batteries starting to run out and the sensors starting to fail, triggering the alarms. (Horde Event) If enough alarms trigger at once, this should drive a MASSIVE horde from outside of the cities from miles away towards the cities (if X alarms trigger with X distance at the same time, increase alarm sound range by 10x). After that event, all house burglar alarms should be disabled by lack of power. (With the exception of houses that have some form of working generators.) 3- Rooftop. Added to #2 entry, a lot of utility buildings that might be even 1 floored only may have useful things to disassembled that can be added to the game on their rooftops that aren't really accessible unless placing a "ladder" or using something like a grappling hook to climb it. Things like vent exits that can be disassembled with a propane torch to wield metal sheets and pipes, AC outdoor units, "solar panels"(?) and much more. Climbing on a rooftop is also good to get a vantage point to shoot on zombies from a safe place they can't reach or just to see from higher up somewhere farther away, but also may trap you in a place you can't escape if a horde surrounds the building with limited resources. The Important Questions Surprisingly, yeah. Not considering the pop-culture version, the real grappling hook is actually really useful in specific situations that you can find in the game as well. Also yes, #1 being a tool for survival and mobility to allow you to reach places that would be harder otherwise in order to scavenge for goods or escape from a horde and #2 being to make the burglar alarm have a way to be dealt with that requires the survivor to be focused, spot it properly and have the means to avoid it or disable it fast enough. No. It only provides a minor mechanic of movement and in #2 a way to check for the existence of burglar alarms and deal with them, which is something that actually should be possible to do. No, not at all. Number #2 would probably need a small amount of work regarding making the alarms spawnable on world creation in homes that receive the burglar alarm, which is reasonable, but the hook in itself would re-use the animation and a lot of the programming from the sheet rope. Yes, and a lot truly, specially if considering #2. The option to climb and enter from the second or third floor from the outside could be very useful in many situations as is being able to climb on the roof of a small building in order to get a vantage point or improvise a safe spot. Since it should be a craftable only, yes. Since you wouldn't find it, but need to craft it yourself after learning its recipe, it could be added no matter where in the world the story would be taking place. Unless it was another survivor who made it, if you get a very rare find in a survivor house. Learning the recipe: New Magazine => The truth behind pop-culture hero tools Suggested recipes for the grappling hook: 4 Crowbar + Propane Torch + Welder Mask + 1 Welding Rods + 1 Rope or Sheet Rope 4 Metal Bars + Propane Torch + Welder Mask + 1 Welding Rods + Hammer + 1 Rope or Sheet Rope 2 Small Metal Sheet + 1 Scrap Metal + Propane Torch + Welder Mask + 1 Welding Rods + Hammer + 1 Rope or Sheet Rope 1 Metal Pipe + 4 Nails + 2 Scrap Metal + Propane Torch + Welder Mask + 1 Welding Rods + 1 Rope or Sheet Rope
  3. I have an idea for a zombie alarm system (so you can tell if a zombie is near). It would be something like you craft wooden stakes, sort of like what you do with barbed wire only instead of using barbed wire you use some rope or twine and have something like a bell on the end so that when a zombie walks through it, you hear the bell ring. Just a quick idea i thought of, i think it would be a good addition to the game thanks
  4. Yeah i played all okay this time. Made a nice base, stockpiled on food, armed myself. This one time i was looting a house randomly and there were just ten zombies chilling. I ran off. And got myself major damage, nevertheless survived. Later i went to a hospital where i had been earlier, then the alarm went off. Hundreds of zombies gathered all around me. I ran off to my house, a bit farther. Few zombies a had to crack, before my house was clear of them. Then, i checked out my health situation. Zombification. Agony. Huge stress. So, i went looking for antibiotics. Everywhere, there where huge zombie barricades. I went to a middle class residential area. Broke myself into a house, an army of zombies waiting for me. Killed me, they bastards did. So, what's your most annoying moments with house alarms?
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