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  1. I know a tip for knowing if an alarm is about to go off find your target building and then look around if there is a zombie in sight which cannot see you then open the window etc and once its opened keep looking at the zombie if it starts moving towards you the alarm will go off within the next second so prepare to start running. XD Well that's excellent house burglary efficiency right there!
  2. Yeah i played all okay this time. Made a nice base, stockpiled on food, armed myself. This one time i was looting a house randomly and there were just ten zombies chilling. I ran off. And got myself major damage, nevertheless survived. Later i went to a hospital where i had been earlier, then the alarm went off. Hundreds of zombies gathered all around me. I ran off to my house, a bit farther. Few zombies a had to crack, before my house was clear of them. Then, i checked out my health situation. Zombification. Agony. Huge stress. So, i went looking for antibiotics. Everywhere, there where huge
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