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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, Devs don't want any military intervention because it would not fit the spirit of the game and zombie lore. We understand and agree. But you want us to make realistic suggestions. Instead of a direct aid, it is unrealistic and doesnt fit with War Z if some authorities didnt made a move. It doesnt have to have a direct impact in the mechanic of the game, but can be a suttle idea. Some sanitary tents of CDC, some control points and that kind of things. No big guns, ok, but still can find an abandoned post of the National Guard. Its more a ambientation matter. In that points you only would find some supplies and in very rare case a weapon. Some barbed wire, some anti-riot material and no much more. Maybe some gas masks, NBQ suits are so on. Pros: - It would fit the zombi lore and give us some more ambient. - Gives the ilussion of a possibility of rescue. Other optios. Air aid. Some supplies launched in parachuted crates. Sometimes the F#*! helicopter flies over my safe house and atracts a lot of zombies that destroy everything. Ok, I can stand it but it could be a option in the server settings to get from this flights a little reward. The rescue quest of the airborn supplies is a very good adventure by itself.
  2. Greetings, Devs! I absolutely love this game, and want to support it as much as I can. This being said, when I was considering purchasing this game, the game's existing trailer did more to push me away than convince me to buy the game(after seeing gameplay, I decided to buy). It just seemed a little dry, and put together at a moments notice. I would like to make you new trailer. An Epic trailer depicting the games true nature and awesomeness. I have some very experienced friends who would be willing to aid me in this endeavor, and I feel that you could benefit greatly from it. Hope to hear back, and know that I will continue to love and support this game no matter what! Willing to do whatever(Within reason), badsanta211
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