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Found 3 results

  1. I feel like you shouldn't get completely panicked from simply going indoors. It should vary depending on the amount of room you actually have. For example, a living room or kitchen (etc.) could make you slightly panicked. Where as, a closet or a skinny hallway (etc.) could make you extremely panicked. If this is something you can eventually do, that would be awesome, if not, I love you all either way, peace.
  2. So, after 211h playing PZ, I've come to realize that the game is at times too easy. I've been thinking a few things that could make the game more challenging... or not . I rather prefer the negatives, but I would like to offer also the opposite (positive) traits: Negative and positive traits: Miss out/ Sloppy (negative) - Reduce the chance of loot Overlook (positive) - Raise the chance of loot Learning resistance (negative) - Reduces the experience gained by half/ Skillbookmodifierer cut by half (example: SBM (3-1,5=1,5 rounded up to 2) Inquisitive (positive) Raise the experience g
  3. Trying out something I've found that while your passed out and have negative modals (doesn't matter how many), you recharge way to much health. I suggest limiting how much health can be charged while passed out if negative modals are present, less recharge the more modals.. On a side note, I am using RoboMats Sleeping Overhaul. But still does the same thing when it is removed. Yes...
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