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Found 1 result

  1. *UPDATE* 8/6/16 - Version 2.1 Completed! *Tested in IWBUMS v35.6* *Works for both MP and SP* *Does not currently work with any maps other than the vanilla maps* *bug fixes* spawn location in the 'Car Repair Shop' has been updated to prevent zombies from killing a player on spawn. I have finished work on adding in over 150 additional spawn points to the spawning system. The current version adds additional spawn points and allows for: A 'near' random spawn location across the entire map. Since there are over 200 spawn locations, it will appear more like it was a completely randomly generated location instead of the few permanent spawn locations that we have now and we all know. They will not be tied to a profession. All professions can spawn in all locations. Professions are 'weighted' to spawn in more likely locations at about the same % that The Indie Stone had. This is a small % and is roughly around 10% (This may be balanced in the future). Chefs will more likely spawn in restaurants, police will more likely spawn at the police station, forest rangers will more likely spawn in the forest, etc. However, it is still more likely that you will spawn randomly elsewhere. Likely never have the same start twice! With over 200 spawn locations on the map, you would need A LOT of play-throughs to have the same experience twice! Nearly 100 new spawn locations for Muldraugh and West Point and 3 new spawning regions: 'Random, KY (entire map)', 'Dixie, KY', and 'Valley Station, KY' (names taken from Blindcoder's map or in game sprites). This will allow for a lot more diversity to game starts. Spawning in a cabin in the woods, on a farm, alone in the middle of nowhere, in your office bathroom, behind a bar, or in a jail cell will now all be possible among others. This can greatly increase the RP element. Less spawn camping in MP since it will be nearly impossible to be where a character will spawn. Spawn locations are less likely to already be looted in MP for new characters. On the flip side some fewer will more likely already be looted. Some spawn locations will be easier than others; some will be more difficult than others. In MP you can choose to spawn at Twiggy's. If you and a friend want to spawn together, you can now do so! Grab a beer together and survive the apocalypse! WARNING: OUTDOOR SPAWNS MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE ZOMBIE FEASTING. This is because zombies are only prevented from spawning indoors where a player spawns, not outdoors. The amount of outdoor spawns are relatively low and most are out of urban areas so you still have a good chance, but be prepared to wake up from your nap in the woods and find zombies around http://imgur.com/17YHzqz To Install: (*NOTE BEFORE INSTALLING* TO UNINSTALL DO NOT REPLACE/REWRITE THE BELOW FILES/FOLDERS. MOVE THEM TO A SAFE LOCATION BEFORE INSTALLATION. IF YOU WISH TO UNINSTALL AND DO NOT DO THIS, YOU MAY BE FORCED TO REINSTALL PROJECT ZOMBOID ENTIRELY. I can't imagine why you would want to uninstall this though, its awesome! Make your server admin install it!) Replace the content of folder ProjectZomboid/media/maps with all folders from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/us1isr7gib45v4s/AAA5sb2r0nbvOYHvZRPvrK6ta?dl=0 For MP Server Admins: Also replace Users/USERNAME/Zomboid/Server/servertest_spawnregions with https://www.dropbox.com/s/4p81bqv12qv63c1/servertest_spawnregions.lua?dl=0 Launch Project Zomboid and enjoy! To Uninstall: Simply move the folders/files that you moved earlier, because of my well placed note, back to their original locations.
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