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  1. Had a nice game moments ago - went outside for a cig and thought "What if your character could develop some sort of nicotine addiction, since you can smoke cigs in the game" I started thinking about this idea and tried to search for possible threads regarding this matter of subject, either I failed or there is none. Either way I found this from PZwiki: "It is planned that characters will become addicted to cigarettes if they take too many." source: http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Cigarette At the moment I'm kinda curious how this is going to be developed, if developed. I came up with this idea aswell! Nicotine addiction as a trait - Negative trait - Have to smoke occasionally to keep character's mind and hands calm (don't know about yours, my hands does indeed shake if I havent had a cig for a while) At this point while writing this very sentence I gave it a thought "But wait a second, the addiction decreases overtime, doesn't it?" But then again what is average lifespan in PZ? My first 6 attempts were merely 4 days long! If addiction is to be added in to the game, some sort of positive buff would be nice if character smokes. For example some sort of "Focused" buff which would give some focus while aiming/shooting and/or making character feel relaxed or feel better (at least I do). Personally I would say addiction system would be nice, since it would bring some depth in character you're playing on. Anyway, 1st post from me. Bash me gently.
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