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  1. EDIT: SOLUTION Checked out the mod "Soul Filcher's Building Time", you can loop through context options and get the option by name: for i,v in ipairs(context.options) do if v.name == getText("ContextMenu_Unequip") then unequipOption = v; unequipOption.notAvailable = true; end end I got crickets from discord too Description I created a mod that spawns you with named Dog Tags equipped to your neck, and I added a few sandbox options. one of the sandbox options I wanted to include was "Prevent Unequip", but It seems the unequip menu option for Base.Necklace_DogTag is created by the ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.createMenu method in ISUI/ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua and I can't figure out how to make a small change to it. My Code What I've Tried The code above just creates a new Unequip option on top. so I went to look at what creates that original 'Unequip' option, and it lead me to trying to figure out a way to modify this IF statement ( ISUI/ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua line 681 ) and I also tried changing this statement ( ISUI/ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua line 152 ) I tried copying the entire ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.createMenu method, removing all irrelevant bits, and making the change, but it overwrites the vanilla menu. Last thing I tried was looking for a way to target and remove context menu items, but it seems like there's no "context:removeOption()" for lack of a better description.
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