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  1. Sorry for the double post but I delved further into this. Specifically where I got the release of the tools that caused the issue (March 14 2022 Release), and way down in the thread someone had the exact same issue as me (two folks actually). Ringo left a suggestion that seemed to work for the first user, but not for me. To be specific my WorldEd Preferences Tiles Directory was always pointing at the Tiles folder of my choice prior to downloading this version. Just adding this for anyone who may face this in the future.
  2. Hello all! I'm trying to chug along on this project of mine and seemingly after downloading the latest tilesets and tools (TileZed, WorldEd), I am getting this error when attempting to run "BMP to TMX": I found a thread here when researching this which suggested both verifying game files and fully deleting and "reinstalling" the tools. Unfortunately neither seemed to fix the issue. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
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