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  1. I did as you said and found the mod responsible for the error. I went to their workshop page and it turns out around the same time I had this problem, other people who used the mod also did. The mod creator's worked on it though so after I unsubbed and resubbed their mod, it now works perfectly again. I'm sorry I panicked and rushed here instantly instead of checking over the mods and their workshop pages. I appreciate your time and I thank you sir.
  2. Good day. My modded run suddenly won't start after I keep getting the "An unexpected error occurred. check console.txt. It all started after I fiddled around with the debug menu so I can spawn an item back in after the mod suddenly added a prerequisite to itself, which led to that mod being deactivated, so I downloaded that mod's prerequisite file in the workshop, then spawned in the item I lost using debug mode. I started the game normally which worked, and then turned in for the night thinking I could play again today. My console file is attached below. The game says it has a single error and I think I found it in the console file but I have no idea what any of it means console.txt
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