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  1. Very strange, here's a snip of my folder names and as you can see steamapps is lowercase. I even checked my external steamlibrary (Even though it has zero PZ files on it) just in case but that steamapps folder is lowercase too. Am I confused with another steamapps folder maybe? EDIT: After manually browsing to my steam folder (I was shortcutting to the zomboid folder via steam) my steamapps folder was named SteamApps! (And it was capitalized in the file directory instead of lowercase like the snip I attached below- extremely strange) I have zero idea why it wasn't possible to see the capitalization since it was literally the first thing I checked after running into the posts that you linked. Super weird all around. I renamed the folder and of course, everything works just fine now. Anyways thanks very much for the help and sorry for wasting your time!
  2. Of course no problem -logs attached logs.zip
  3. Is that necessary for them to work in solo? To clarify, I'm playing solo with solo supported spawnpoint mods/maps
  4. steamapps folder is named properly with no caps, and everything is installed on my main drive with no zomboid files on my external drive
  5. So I appear to be the latest victim of this bug, no modded spawnpoints for maps or from spawnpoint mods appear in my game. Everything is installed on the C drive, I've tried to manually download/install, I've tried verifying my game, restarting steam.... No luck Would be awesome if there's a known solution to get this working!
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