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  1. Body-Part-Specific Interations Orientation: Singleplayer/Multiplayer TL;DR: The pulling, punching, grabbing, tying, blinding, biting side of Project Zomboid. When looking back at one of my previous posts (shameless self promotion incoming: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8689-hostage-takingdraggingcarrying-bodies/#entry112447) I realized something that could both improve that idea, and become its own idea all together, at the same time. The simple interaction of two characters, living/living or living/dead. Here's an example: Will has been shot in the stomach. Poor Will. T
  2. Thank you for the post! It was a nice read, and I happily agree with the suggestion in it. Anything that turns up the immersion and realism factor in games really gets me excited. Just feeling like I could be/am in the game is a really awesome concept for me. I'd love to see any/all of the stuff in that thread in the game, but this post is more for standing still, rather than when you move. Animations that the player does by themselves, almost entirely aesthetically. Things like siting down, lying down, or relaxing on a couch. Possibly interactions with other survivors, things like that. Lik
  3. Perhaps, trying to use specific colors is a bit too simple, and it may come to either; just using the names in front of the text, or having the ability to set allies. For example, right clicking on someone, and setting them to friend/ally/acquaintance, and therefore giving them a specific color code, or symbol before their name.
  4. Could you tell who's talking on a random walkie-talkie that you find? I just think otherwise it would devolve into: "At the camp." "That you Jerry?" "No it's Mike." "Well I'm at Spiffo's." "Jerry?" "Bill." "Just saw a zombie down the road." "Bill?" "No it's Mike again." Obviously you would have to know them first of course, not saying you should recognise a randomners voice. I think, the simplest way to resolve this without resorting to "Mike: At the camp." and such, is by having players customize their text, so that they could choose the color, maybe italics, maybe bold. Perhap
  5. Idle Animations Orientation: Singleplayer(?)/Multiplayer TL;DR: Idle animations within the game for certain activities. Two of the best things in video games - in my opinion - are both realism and RP elements. I love being able to BE my character when I'm in the game, with other people around me being their characters as well. This is a simpler idea, depending on how you look at it. When I refer to idle animations, I'm talking about if you're running around in the woods, and decide to sit down for a while. The animation doesn't stop until you want it to. I don't know, I just imagine a g
  6. New Diseases and Class Abilities Orientation: Singleplayer/Multiplayer TL;DR: Includes realistic diseases for the situation, and new class-specific abilities. Before explaining this suggestion, the idea to add diseases to the game does not stem from the idea that the game is not hard enough. However, the ultra-realistic vibe that comes with playing the game suggests that adding such things to the game would make it even more real for the player. Simply put: Diseases that fit the situation could change gameplay a bit. In the winter, staying out without proper clothing could cause feve
  7. Moving Corpses/Bodies/People Orientation: Singleplayer/Multiplayer TL;DR: The moving of dead and LIVING bodies/people. The moving of corpses is already being included into the game. This allows for some cool possibilities, such as stacking up piles for burning away, or – for the more sadistic – stacking up piles to send a message/make a wall. But, on top of that, the inclusion of methods to move bodies of the living could add a few new mechanics to the game that could make it even more interesting. This could benefit role play, and general game play together, and with the right tweaks, w
  8. My apologies! I figured if I posted it all together, and labelled each specific idea with a short description, this would make it easier for everyone.
  9. Yes, I did read that moving corpses would soon be involved in the game. This is why I commented "The moving of corpses is already being included into the game." in the original post. However, I have heard nothing of the ability to incapacitate and move living bodies, which is what the main idea is about, not the moving of corpses. I also am aware that classes are on the way, but I was referring to this that could be specifically done by each class, not the fact that the game needs new classes. I wrote an example saying that the doctor could have the sole ability to treat abnormal illnesses.
  10. All of my suggestions have been moved, and in the future, will be added to this post! Please feel free to leave any and all feedback or suggestions that come to mind. I'd love to add to this post, or at the very least, know what you guys think of my ideas. Edit: I've added a poll, as I've realized that some people do not wish to take the time to respond directly to a post, when voting is much easier. This is quite alright, so please vote honestly. Radio Communication Orientation: Multiplayer TL;DR: Incorporation of hand/stationary radios within the game. The incorporation of hand or stati
  11. Radio Communication Orientation: Multiplayer TL;DR: Incorporation of hand/stationary radios within the game. The incorporation of hand or stationary radios into the game would add a new level of communication and depth on servers. Having a hand radio, or setting up a stationary radio in your home would allow you to speak with players or NPCs on opposite sides of the map. You could browse frequencies, and stumble upon a distress call repeating every 2 minutes, or come across another player willing to trade goods for food. Maybe, even, kidnap a player, and bribe his friends over the radio
  12. The ability to drag around corpses was added/talked about in a recent patch notice, so I was thinking that it'd be cool if the same could be done to living humans. For example, if a player were to incapacitate a living human, player or NPC, and drag them off somewhere safe, or dangerous, or locked away. You could knock out another player, and drag them off to a room, and lock them inside, or tie them to a chair, and make demands, maybe call up their friends. Typical hostage stuff. On another note, maybe being able to use incapacitated enemies as human shields, and such. Like, knocking some
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