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  1. Soo... I'm new to modding, and so far so good with item creations, recipes, and easy stuff. But now came the hardest part for me... The loot distribution. I know I know, many of you guys might say to just look into mods and try to make it similar, and yes it worked for me in so many cases. But let's go to my QUESTIONS: 1) The loot system has changed not long time ago right? What was the obsolete system? 2) What's the difference between Distribution.lua; ProceduralDistributions.lua and SuburbsDistributions.lua? 3) When creating a mod, which one of these guys above should I use? PS: Not a native english speaker. So, be kind with my typos =D
  2. I'm a new modder and having the same issues as you in the time of the post. Can you explain to me how it works? I know there's a change in the new loot system so I wondering how to create new mods and items to spawn.
  3. Sorry for the necro, but I'm having such a pain to override recipes that has more than one with the same recipe name/ID I'm trying to start modding, and the first big wall I'm having is to override a recipe like Make Hot Cuppa, because the recipe that uses coffee, has the same name as the recipe that uses tea. So when I try to do this, only one of the recipes is overriden, no matter what I do the other one stills the same. IMO the recipes should be the same way as the items, with individual ID's.
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