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  1. I've realized at this point that the issue goes as follows: Each fridge does count as two individual units The generator does not update appliances being removed from the grid unless it is disconnected and reconnected Therefore overconsumption issue isn't pictured here, but it is still described in the thread. If any appliances are taken away, they will still drain power until the generator is "reset" by disconnecting/reconnecting it.
  2. The only appliances used within the range of the generator is what is pictured here, a popsicle fridge, and two large fridges. The game accounts for the large fridges as (4x), even if I dismantle or move a fridge, and it is no longer capable of using power, the generator will still take power for 4 fridges. My savegame exceeds the forum's maximum file size limit of 3.59MB, so I compressed it and uploaded it here. https://ufile.io/fjp74ubs The workshop files used in this save are listed here: Animation Fixes - Staggering Hats and Glasses Don't Fall Cremation - Corpse Disposal Thanks in advance for your time and help with this problem.
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