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  1. I'm not using any mods. But I found the solution for the crashing, don't know if devs are aware of this fix but I will share it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2441122190 With this fix I am now avable to play this game without crashes, hope that this would be in handy for someone experimentig crashes like me.
  2. I have discover the nature of the bug. Today my game crashed again but this time I noticed that the hour ingame changed. My game crashed at 8 am and, after restarting it and click on continue, I restart at 6:30am. So my character did a time travel, any clue about why this happen? Thank you so much.
  3. Hello, I have a huge bug here, from time to time (maybe each 2hrs of gameplay or so) the game crashes, sending me to the desktop. This wouldn't be a big issue 'cause the game restarts pretty quickly. The big issue is that when I restart the game sometimes, not always, the world changes. I mean, I spawn at the same location but things change, sometimes the doors are open, when I've closed it before the crash, and even sometimes zombies spawn right upon me, killing me pretty quickly. I don't really understand why this happen, its the weirdest bug I have ever experienced. Someone
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