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  1. Beard I cannot thank you enough! Originally I wasn't the person who built my PC nor do I know how to build a PC, I only know the bare minimum. Recently I thought it would be a good idea to move my computer under my loft bed to save room in my bedroom, I had to unplug my monitors for this (I use a normal 1920x1080p 75hz acer monitor and an old Samsung tv as my secondary monitor). When I un-plugged my and plugged back in my monitors I had put my TV's HDMI cable into my graphics card and my Monitor into my mother board (fml). Also, deleting the Mods and Lua folders helped solve the issue, as far
  2. Hi all! Update, I switched back to the integrated graphics because I really wanted to play, and the game actually started up. HOWEVER, On the main menu there were no prompts i.e. no "Continue" option or "Load" option etc etc. Rendering the game once again unplayable. As requested I have attached the logs.zip file to this message, thank you all for your help. logs.zip
  3. Okay So, I updated my intel driver (even though it's the integrated graphics and I DON'T want to run the game on that) and the game still doesn't start. What'll happen is steam will say the the game is running, a console will open up, then close very quickly and steam will then say the game is not running. Even though the entire time, it was never running in the first place.
  4. I have updated my graphics card drivers to the latest version, this being Version 465.89 released on 3/30/21. Game still won't start ;/
  5. Hi all! I've been playing Project Zomboid for quite a while now, I think a year and a half now, and I haven't had this problem until now. Recently about 2 weeks ago I updated my computer to the latest version of Windows 10 but it broke my computer, I couldn't read anything and it basically ruined fonts. So I reverted back to the prior version, this set most of my games to run on my Integrated Graphics on my CPU, I didn't notice until I started Zomboid and it was really laggy, I checked and there it was, the game was set to use GPU-0 (my integrated graphics). I set the program to use high perfo
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