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  1. pepin18

    Help carry weight

    Hello Does anyone know a way to increase the maximum load capacity of a character by only 10 points? please help
  2. pepin18

    still sick

    Hello I don't know what has changed recently or is it the fault of the update because I see similar problems of people on the forums but the character is still sick I checked what is the reason when I died I turned into a zombie so the zombie virus only that it causes any contact with zombies the contagion is probably maximal because it is already bigger probably not do it and what's worse, I will not do a normal multiplayer game, I prefer to play useful mods and disabled zombie infestation and I get sick anyway playing with such settings death and so it was at every step and now I'm sick on the first day and two days later death this change has been made recently because so far it was good and what with this multiplayer will they add such an option one day or is the money for the game already taken and it will stay that way?
  3. pepin18


    I noticed that some recipes are not detailed, for example, a recipe for charcoal, a log of wood is enough, and I have a log of wood and I cannot make charcoal only when I approach the fire, then I am shown that I can do it and it is not described, so maybe it is similar with other recipes I have all the ingredients but maybe something is still missing, can someone help me how to put it? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2284101367&searchtext=recycler
  4. pepin18


    Until I turn off the mods, I will not be absolutely sure but this red icon in the lower right corner only signals 5 errors before I had a lot more and I had to get rid of a few mods a bug that I have only applies to a few things the rest can be done normally and before I had such a mistake with the whole crafting was gone, I couldn't do anything, so it seems to me that if it was a similar error, I wouldn't be able to create anything
  5. pepin18


    obviously playing with mods is much more fun
  6. pepin18


    Hello, I would like to ask for help, I don't know if it's a mistake or my fault, but there are a lot of diagrams where I can't create a given item and all the ingredients I have are highlighted, which means that I have the right amount but I can't create objects, the build option is not highlighted, I don't know why or someone can help to solve this problem?
  7. pepin18


    but the modifications give me something that the game does not give me, and secondly, start the game again from the beginning and with the modifications? bad idea, please try another one
  8. pepin18


    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone else updates this game at all and if he fixes bugs because I have quite a troublesome problem, probably the whole crafting broke because I can't cut clothes into pieces of material, I can't charge the propane burner from the cylinder, so it would be good somewhere there would be I can't charge such cylinders too, I can't wash dirty pieces of cloth or bandages after removing them from the dressing, I can't take digital watches apart, so it's a bit poor in the game with ammonia and obtaining metal, scrap metal and useless metal, you can give more possibilities and outrage players so that they can uncover the loot and who wants to, it will play the default game, but to have a choice when it comes to acquiring metal, not enough things can be disassembled, and there are mods that allow you to scrap a car or a car wreck, but the amount of metal obtained from such a wreck is funny, besides you still need to transform it in something then in something and only metal is here in order to make a whole day of ammonia weapons and then in one hour to play everything and to plunge everything better to make weapons and ammonia for one hour and shoot all day, but the most important thing is still free choice players so that they can decide on the size of the loot they find and it would be good for someone to control which mods are used the most by players and update the game to such an extent that it offers all of this and it would not be necessary to install mods. Regards and I hope the game will be finally repaired because PROJECT ZOMBOID is a game with great potential
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