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  1. Howdy Riverwood is becoming barren. With each scavenge trip I make to the town, the less I seem to find. No generators, barely any food and plenty of zombies-- especially around the houses. Annie has now defeated an entire birthday party, football group and survivor group of zombies... not including the generic hordes I found around. Doing one final sweep of the town, I came across the final reward-- a final prize Riverwood could gift me. A boat. Hooking up the trailer to my van, Annie quickly took it to the gas station to fill with fuel before
  2. Howdy My home was coming along, although the furniture was all in the correct fitting, I was running out of resources and food. A long trip back into Riverwood that took me three days filled up a new vehicle I found with food, nails and other bits and bobs I found out there. The car kind of looks like Marge Simpson's car. If you want a rough idea of how much I took, the Megamart was completely looted. It was zombies galore, but the undead are nothing more than a careful obstacle for Annie West's nailed bat.
  3. Howdy Annie West has absolutely no idea what tea is, apparently. After a successful resource run into town to find the furniture store, it was sadly locked and stopped me from entry. Zombies had no yet broken into that building. It is only a matter of time, however. I spent the next few in-game days staying at my new home, moving things around (seriously, they had too many office chairs). If this is going to be my home, I need to make it look good. A lot of cleaning up commenced. Exploring the nearby area, I found an abandoned caravan and two garages-
  4. The Adventures of Annie West Mod List: Note: I have no idea if half of these actually work. If they do not function, their content will be bugged or never used during this adventure, sadly. Fashion Montage: Start with Any Outfit Red Crowbar Retexture (for Build 41) Reading is not boring. (for Build 41) Read Faster When Sitting (for Build 41) Scooby Doo Mystery Machine +300 Points Trait Aquatsar Yacht Club B41 Better Towing Autotsar Trailers [Only B41] Fort Redstone, KY [Build 41] Fillbuster Rhymes' Used Cars! BETA B
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