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  1. Hi, I started with a mod creation using Lua scripting (started with Robomat's tutorial and continued studying with some open sourced mods). It works, but the Lua scripting is not enough for my current needs (especially not the 10 years old Kahlua version, which can't call any I/O methods, can't import Lua modules like math etc. Or at least I tested it and couldn't). I also studied Java documentation / java modding doc and Lua Events list (very old) - and it is a real struggle to go through it if there are no comments and no (or little) explanation and can't get even method signatures... Maybe
  2. Hi, this is all I found: -- MOD tutorial (outdated, but works) -- PZ documentation & tutorials -- JAVA class signatures (missing any real documentation like comments, explanation etc.) https://theindiestone.com/zomboidjavadocs/ -- JAVA class signatures (nearly identical, but some of the methods here are not listed in the other java doc) https://projectzomboid.com/modding/ -- LUA Events (outdated, probably just a small part of the all really available) https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Modding:Lua_Event Btw if you want to debug your code and print anything, those
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